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Make a Wish to God ...

Make a Wish to God ...

There are many gods according to cultures.  

Here are powerful gods we would like to introduce you to worship. 

1.Vishnu  (Phra Narai/ Narayana / Narayana)

Vishnu, also known as Phra Narai/ Narayana , is one of the three Maha gods. Vishnu, or Phra Narai/ Narayana , is the god of prosperity and benevolence, has a duty to protect the human world, all beings, from evil and It also desires humanity to live happily, according to Hindu beliefs, most of which people go to worship and pray from Vishnu or Phra Narai/ Narayana  to help protect themselves and keep them happy and away from evil all.

2. Garuda (Thai: Phaya Krut)

Because Garuda has power and power over everything, it has been worshiped and used as a substitute for various emblems ranging from the emblems of the King, the soldiers, the police, the engineers, the mechanic or the people who serve With honesty and loyalty to the country, the king and the duty of himself, then Garuda will help protect that person and bring prosperity in their work.

3. Lakshmi Goddess

Mae Lakshmi is the Goddess of complete love, as she is the faithful and most beloved wife of Vishnu, making people believe and come to worship, pray for each other in the matter of love. Let people love to love and be honest with us. In addition, he also bestowed the blessing of success, whether it be business, trade, business, negotiation, as well as property, money and wealth to the position of heart and worship him.

4. Brahma (Thai: Phra Phrom)

It is believed that Brahma is a deity that can dictate the fate of human beings, so you will protect those who do good and behave well. If praying for blessings in any matter, it will be successful and fulfilled. Wishful But on the other hand, if anyone sins or what is bad, Brahma will determine that person. But hardships and difficult life as for the worship of Brahma, because you have 4 faces, so to worship you must worship in all four directions (work, money, love, overall) to be blessed in all respects.

5. Phra Upakut

Phra Upakut is a monk of good fortune and prestige, and also helps protect and preserve those who worship him, and also promotes us happiness, comfort, physical health, longevity, stable love. Power, prestige, wealth, abundance.

6. Rahu

Rahu is a planet that normally moves every one and a half year. Today, Rahu worship is very popular because it is believed that Rahu is a divine deity capable of both benefit and can influence stars it moves near. That may arise, subside and change in a good direction, then people worship Rahu, whether it be a wish for fortune, progress, work, or even wealth by paying respect to Rahu.

7. Ganesha (Thai:  Phra Phikanet)

Ganesha is the deity of success. Today, Ganesha is very popular among people. The worship of Ganesha should be worshiped with bananas and sugar cane or marigold in order to achieve auspiciousness and success in various fields. Trading business is prosperous and if there is a problem, no matter what matter it is, you can pray for wisdom from the Lord to solve the problem.

8. Guan Yin Goddess

Guan Yin is a Bodhisattva who is loving and kind to all beings, so most of the Guan Yin worshipers do not eat beef. Compassion, which is like a mother's love for her child, is a popular prayer for love and to alleviate what is stuck.

How to worship any deity depends on your own beliefs and faith. All gods are sacred and are equally important. However, you have to keep doing good deeds, keeping the precepts, and adhering to the precepts of the dharma for efficaciousness of worship.

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