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Real Experience: Old Man Seeing LP Suang Calender Won Lotto 12 Million!!!

C. Picture: Khao Sod, Microsoft News

LP Suang (Angel on Earth) Wat Prai Pattana, Sisaket Province is very powerful. People say LP always helps believers to be lucky and get big money.

This wonderful story revealed on 2 May 2019. Mr. Thongsa Aonkam aged 72 from Sisaket Province who has faith in LP Suang, looked at the calendar which has a picture of LP Suang.

Suddenly the old man saw the numbers coming for seconds and gone. He remembered the numbers and then bought a couple of lottery papers.

The result, his two lottery papers were the first prize 6 million baht, so this man got 12 million baht total.

Luangpu Suang, the Angel on Earth:

People are memorizing a kind smile of Luangpu Suang alias "The Angel on Earth". Why is this monk respected by a lot of people and why do those are searching story of LP Suang although he already passed away in year 2000? The reason is not only a smile of LP Suang, but his merit and holiness that can help people from troubles and also inspirit people who are depressed with hope of better life amazingly. 

LP Suang was the most uncommon guru monk in Thai history. He spoke Cambodian. Nobody knew exactly where he came from and his age was a puzzle. People knew only that they first found LP Suang in the field in Sisaket Province. From inquiring nearly old people, they said they saw LP Suang as an old monk when they were young. But why when they got old, they still saw LP Suang in the same look. Some people assumed that LP Suang was about 500 years old. People looking after LP Suang saw many wonders of him such as puzzling coming and going, holy urine making crops grow well, staying underwater, etc. So, they called LP Suang 'Angel on Earth'.

LP Suang was a very simple monk. He could live anywhere with one robe. In fact, his shelter was a small shed. Although he did not clean himself, his body did not stink. He did not care about money and stuffs at all. When people gave LP Suang money, he threw it out. That made people amazed at him. People looking after LP Suang loved and respected him very much They believed power of LP Suang could protect them.

LP Suang passed away on the 7th September B.E. 2543 (C.E. 2000) and the story of him is still mysterious today.


People who have faith in LP Suang and some who have LP Suang amulets found wonderful experiences by themselves. These stories are examples of many:

1. A man told that "Three 3 before,  I went to buy amulets, someone said my amulet (I'm wearing LP Suang amulet) was fake. Then I prayed to LP Suang to manifest something to teach that man. That man asked me to touch power of my amulet. After he touched amulet, he fell down and had nosebleed. I was shocked and then realised it might be power of LP Suang."

2. Told by a teacher "I remembered at the hut in Sisaket, there were LP Suang and some disciples. LP Suang hadn't eaten something for three days because there was no food, so the disciples didn't eat too. Then LP Suang prayed a verse and not over 15 minutes, a bus with nuns from Sakon Nakhon (nearby province) came with food to offer LP Suang."

3. A lady told that "I used to suffer from unidentified illness. I was very unhappy. One day, my husband said there is a monk named Luangpu Suang whom people in Sisaket respect so much. In fact, I didn't know of LP Suang at that time. Then I searched LP Suang in Google and prayed to him for my illness that if I could recover I would go to pay respect to LP Suang. One month after, I dreamed of LP Suang and he said to cure me. Sooner after, I was gradually better."

4. Told by A man who used to have a painful left knee "As for me, I originally have  faith in LP Suang. 2 years ago, I went to pay respect to LP Suang statue at Wat Ratburana, Bangkok. I prayed to LP Suang for my knee because I hurt on my left knee that I couldn't walk too much. When I went home and using daily life, I found I felt less painful on my left knee. That was amazing!"

5. Many people won the lottery after they made a wish to LP Suang.

See LP Suang amulets, click here

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