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Amulets for Healthy

Buddhism has a Buddhist expression that "Arokaya Paramalapha" or "No disease is the best fortune." Therefore, we would like to introduce amulets to help you stay healthy and do not forget to keep the precepts to practice meditation for a healthy body and soul-- the truly full wellness.

Here are amulets in Thai belief people trust to help about health, let's see:

1) Phra Kring and Holy Water Coin
Rinse Illness and Evil Forces Away

People believe Phra Kring can cure illness. In the reign of King Rama III, there was the spreading of cholera that killed many Thai people. Somdej Phrawannarat (LP Daeng) abbot of Wat Suthat, Bangkok blessed Phra Kring amulet in the water and gave out water to people. People who drank that water (including LP Daeng) could get over cholera.

About Holy Water Coin or known as "Rian Tham Nam Mon" is a blessed medal with Yant or holy imprint. The monk created to help who possess get safe from harm, and especially spirits and black magic which regarded as the cause of undefined illness and pain.

How to Use Phra Kring and Holy Water Coin for Health:
Firstly, we prepare a clean bowl with clean water. When we get calm, immerse Phra Kring in the water and chant Katha of Phra Kring. It is good for you to do meditation before start making holy water to build up mindfulness. When finish can use this holy water to drink, bathe, or sprinkle the house to remove bad energies.

This instruction can do with holy water coin, too.

2) Lek Lai
Energetic Vitalize Mineral

Lek Lai – is a Mysterious Sacred substance which is the subject of Legendary Tales of Miracle Powers which has become a Cult Phenomenon in recent years, due to the ease of access to information enabled by modern Media such as the internet, as well as being due to increased International trading and a massive increase in Thai Buddha Magic.

People believe not only protective energy from Lek Lai, it can impart energetic vitalizing power to who possess as well.

How to Use Lek Lai for Health:
Be calm down and spell Katha of Lek Lai before you wear or carry. It is good for you to do meditation before start spelling Katha to build up mindfulness.

3) Lersi Cheevokgomaraphat
Doctor of Buddha…The Powerful Treatment

Lersi Cheevokgomaraphat was a good hermit and Buddha’s doctor. He cured Buddha when Buddha was sick. He had very good knowledge of herbs. He could use any leaf as medicine. People believe worshiping Lersi Cheevokgomaraphat will bring safety, good luck and good things and help person from illness.

How to Use Lersi Cheevokgomaraphat amulet for Health:
You can pray to Lersi Cheevokgomaraphat before taking medicine for adding power to efficaciously cure the illness you have.

History of Lersi Cheevokgomaraphat:

Lersi Cheevokgomaraphat  was born from prostitute and he doesn’t know who is father. After he was born, his mother ordered servant to bring Lersi Cheevokgomaraphat to abandon in dump at outside city. In the next morning, Prince Aphai who is son of King Pimpisan went to outside his castle to take a fresh air. While taking a fresh air, he saw at the dump because there are crows and vultures around it. Therefore, Prince Aphai ordered royal pages to observe the dump.  Prince Aphai saw the baby in the dump that still alive. Prince Aphai took the baby to his adopted child and gives name is “Lersi Cheevokgomaraphat ”. When Lersi Cheevokgomaraphat  was young, he went to study medicine at “Takka Sila” city where is the city of knowledge. Lersi Cheevokgomaraphat  can cure every disease that made Lersi Cheevokgomaraphat  to be well known doctor. Lersi Cheevokgomaraphat  is personal doctor of Lord Buddha that while curing he studied the dharma from Lord Buddha too.

4) Yant Cloth
Remover Ailment & Misfortune

"Pha Yant" or magic cloth is a longtime sacred object in Thai belief. "Pha" means cloth. "Yant" means holy characters or designs. So "Pha Yant" means a piece of cloth which has holy characters or designs. In the past, a monk made Pha Yant for people to help them safe from war like you see outfit of ancient Thai warriors or in Muay Thai as Prajead (armbands) and Mongkol (headband).

How to Use Yant Cloth for Health:
Be calm down and spell Katha of Yant Cloth and then pray for your health and cover Yant Cloth on your head and take off.

See amulets for healthy, click

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