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Thai Takrut

Takrut is a kind of amulet in the shape of a scroll. They are usually in some form of tube or cover and this cover can sometimes be filled with oil or other liquid. The scroll itself can be made from metals such as lead, copper or even silver or gold. They can also be made of bamboo, wood, leaves, animal skin, bone or paper.


The scrolls contain sacred magical inscriptions derived from Buddhist, Animist, Vedic and Khmer traditions. They are made with great care by the monks, who chant magical incantations whilst making the Takrut. The sacred magical inscriptions often contain symbols from sacred geometry and symbols known only to the monk who created them. Inscriptions are highly individual and the Takrut are often infused with magical oils and powders.

Takrut are made by the monk who chants a Katha or mantra to empower the object with the blessings he wishes it to carry. It is said that if you are in danger you should think of the monk who created the Takrut and pray to ask for his help with the situation. Of course, the power of the Takrut also depends on the motives of the owner.


Takrut can also take the form of a belt, a ring, or an armband. They can be worn or carried close to a certain part of the body to give more power or protection to that part of the body. Some Takrut are made small enough to hold in the mouth and these are said to enable the power of someone; speech to be enhanced. These are called Salika Lin Thong (the golden-tongued bird).

Some Takrut are shaped like bullet cases and these are reputed to protect the wearer from danger and injury. There are many stories told about the protection and blessings they have given to people.

Takrut is very popular because it is simply used and can serve different purposes of owner such  as protection, good luck, wealth,  love, etc. Protection Takrut are very popular with members of the armed forces and the police, and others in dangerous jobs. They are also popular with Muay Thai fighters. Often they wear a cord Takrut on their arm during the fight, this is called a Prajead arm band. They are not allowed to wear a metal Takrut during the fight, but often Muay Thai fighters go to one of the temples where they can get a tiny gold Takrut inserted into their body. They believe that this will preserve their fighting spirit in the ring during the fight.

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Thai Takrut
Takrut are made by the monk who chants a Katha or mantra to empower the object with the blessings he wishes it to carry.

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