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No.1081: LP Vitthaya (or LP Srithep-Udon) **Go Fortunately & Prosperously

No.1370: AJ Piyasitthi **Spritual Charm, Love & Wishes

No.1384: LP Simpalee **Safe, Energy, Mercy, Luck and Wealth...

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No.20: COLLECTION #1 Burmite Amber **Power of Necklace Jewelry!

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Phra Somdej Jaew Ruer Jang, LP Toon (Wat PoNiMit) – The best power of Good Business!

This Buddha amulet created from holy Yant powder that LP Toon made by himself (LP was very skilled at making Yant powder) and mixed with holy powders from former reverend monks such as LP Sook Wat Pak Klong Makham Thao, etc. 

Holy powder amulets by LP Toon are generally known powerfully helping worshiper do business well, progressive in career, get windfalls and safe from danger and accidents that there are experiences from worshipers.

"The present abbot of Wat PoNiMit also emphasizes the power of this Phra Somdej Jaew Ruer Jang that is really good for doing business."

History of Making Phra Somdej Jaew Ruer Jang by LP Toon:


Due to customers’ wonder about fake amulet, we have inquired the present abbot about this amulet. This is the second abbot after LP Toon. He revealed us that LP Toon made this amulet in 7 colors and many pieces, making in the temple in order to give out people donating to temple. The rest amulets were kept in the Ubosot spread in different corner such as under the roof. After LP Toon passed away, the next abbot restored the Ubosot and found a lot of amulets LP Toon had made. To support temple, this abbot took amulets for donors. That’s why some think amulets LP Toon seem no value, but actually they are priceless. Now, there are no amulets at the temple.

LP Toon was an aboot of Wat PoNiMit. He was born on 31 July 2453 B.E. (1910 C.E.).  He was close disciple of Somdej Phuttajarn Nuam of Wat Anong. LP was one of excellent guru monk in meditation. LP was one of long live guru monk. In 2482-83 B.E. (1939-1940 C.E.), Somdej Phuttajarn Nuam of Wat Anong had called LP Toon and gave superb powders. This superb powder was powder which Somdej Phuttajarn Nuam had collected from many famous guru monks such as LP Sook, Wat MaKhamTao. Moreover, LP Toon had collected (IttiJay) superb powders from LP Sod, Wat PakNam. LP Toon passed away on 25 May 2535 B.E. (1992 C.E.) at the age of 82.

"This content is copyright and duplication is not permitted."

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SERM DUANG 10: Phra Phutthajow Ha Phraong Candle Ceremony

SERM DUANG 4: Magic Candle Lighting for Happy Love

No.85: Donate for Monk Shelter & Chanting Hall Construction

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