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Helpful Ways to Get Through the Year of Dog

2018 is the Year of Dog that is called "Pi Chong" or the year that may cause changes to life.

"Chong" is Chinese word meaning "impact", so it is the year that will have impact to destiny according to Chinese astrology especially relevant to the Chinese god "Tai Suay Eia" who is believed to protect people's destiny influencing the way of living in a year. 

What years are risky?

According to Chinese belief, there are 4 animal years: Dragon, Dog, Ox and Goat.

How serious are those years?

Getting full impact is the Year of Dragon.
(year of birth: 1928, 1940, 1952,1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012)

Getting partial impact is the Year of Dog, Ox and Goat.

(year of birth: 1919, 1922, 1925, 1931, 1934, 1937,1943,1946, 1949, 1955, 1958, 1961, 1967, 1970, 1973, 1979, 1982, 1985, 1991, 1994, 1997, 2003, 2006, 2009,2015)

-    The Year of Dog may get inconvenience about job or activities.
-    The Year of Goat may have problem about health.
-    The Year of Ox may encounter accident or distress.

As for the four years above should avoid attending the funeral, but if necessary, should bring along pomegranate leaves and before getting home, wash face with water soaked with pomegranate leaves in order to carry off bad things.

Another way is to worship "Tai Suay Eia" for good luck, wealth and safety.

Ways to Get Through "Pi Chong" according to Buddhist Belief:

1.    Worshiping Phra Sivali

(see our holy Phra Sivali amulets, click)

Phra Sivali (also Sivali Thera) is widely venerated among Theravada Buddhists, typically depicted standing upright and carrying a monk's stuff most familiarly with an umbrella and alms bowl. 
Phra Sivali was an enlightened disciple of Buddha. Received praise from Buddha as the "miraculous monk for fortune".
With lots of merit he did with pure faith during his lifetime especially offering honey to Buddha, people believe that worshipers of Phra Sivali will never get starving and encounter poverty.

2.    Worshiping Phra Setthi Nawakot

(see our holy Phra Setthi Nawakot amulets, click)

People believe Phra Setthi Nawakot can make the worshiper become a millionaire.

Phra Setthi Nawakot is a name of nine millionaires in the time of Buddha as follows:
1.    ThaNanChai Setthi
2.    YatSa Setthi
3.    SuMaNa Setthi
4.    ChaTiKatSa Setthi
5.    AnaThaPinThiKa Setthi
6.    MenThaKatSa Setthi
7.    ChoTiKa Setthi
8.    SuMangKhaKatSa Setthi
9.    WiSaKha MaHa U-BaSiKa.
These millionaires were good Buddhists who supported Buddhism and loved charity. They got ordained as a monk and enlightened dharma of Buddha.

3.    Worshiping Chu Chok

(see our holy Chu Chok amulets, click)

There are many wealthy amulets in Thailand and Chu Chok is one of them. From Buddha story to the great amulet of wealth, Chu Chok has been said to excellently bring money and fruitful business to the owner.

The appearance of Chu Chok is usually an old man with long beard, a bun of hair like a Brahman, and a bent back. He does not wear the upper clothes. He is often seen with a walking stick and bag.

According to the story of Buddha, although Chu Chok was an old ugly beggar, he never lacked money because people who saw Chu Chok always had compassion for him and donated to him every time. That is why an image of Chu Chok is believed to magnetize money and draw people mercy very well. Also, the story says Chu Chok got a son and a daughter of Buddha and even a beautiful wife (daughter of a rich man). This description shows that Chu Chok is not common.

4.    Worshiping Phra Sangkajjai

(see our holy Phra Sangkajjai amulets, click)

Phra Sangkajjai is an enlightened disciple of Buddha. At first, Phra Sangkajjai was good-looking and clever. He looked so good that people called him Buddha. Phra Sangkajjai was not feel good to hear that because Buddha was the highest person in his thought and he did not want to be compared with Buddha. So, he transformed himself into a chubby monk. However, people still admired him as usual. Since then, a fat monk has become the image of Phra Sangkajjai.

Due to a plenty image of Phra Sangkajjai, worshiping him is believed to bring wealth.  Furthermore, his previous good appearance and best wits become the belief that whoever worships Phra Sangkajjai will be a favorite of people and successful in all science. 

5. Making Merit by Releasing Animals such as buffalo, cow, bird, fish, etc.

6. Donating Blood because giving blood is giving life.

7. Making Coffin Merit

(to make merit, click)

8. Chanting and Doing Meditation Regularly to be mindful and live without carelessness.


Last modified : 19 Feb 2018 - 12:50 PM (GMT+7:00)
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