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No.1105: Wat Rakhang ** The Legendary Protection in Thailand

LP Wahn, Wat Sena Nimit **Luck, Charm, Prosperity

No.2098: LP Mong **Good Luck, Wealth & Protection

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No.1: Clear Waterproof Casing & Framing

No.423: Handmade Braid Rope Framing

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Amulet Experience of LP Supoj

Amulet Experience of LP Supoj

LP Supoj is an abbot of Wat Huangphattana in Trat Province.  He is a skilled guru monk. LP Supoj was born in B.E. 2488 (C.E. 1945) in Trat Province. When he was twenty, he got ordained as a monk at Wat Sriwiharn, Trat Province. He is a disciple of LP Sim of Wat Thamphaplong, Chiangmai Province.  He follows the way of LP Sim. Back to the past, LP Supoj went to the forest to practice meditation.  He went to learn meditation from many skilled monks such as LP Rian, LP Tet, LP Torn, LP Fun, etc. until he had strong mindfulness and accessed dharma of Buddha. LP Supoj is a good monk. People admire and respect him. His amulets are very powerful and have real effects on the worshippers. 

Wonderful Experience:

1.    Mr. Wit, a worshipper has 2 tiger amulets by LP Supoj, one amulet he keeps with the key ring and other one in his house. One day, his friend came to his house but he was absent. His friend pressed the bell but no one came out. He peeped into the house and he was shocked. What his friend saw was a big tiger sitting inside. He telephoned Mr. Wit immediately to tell that. Mr. Wit said to his friend that the tiger was the tiger spirit of his tiger amulet.

2.    A man told that his friend who lives in Trat Province has a tiger amulet by LP Supoj. One day, his friend was struck by the thunder and knocked out immediately. He was sent to the hospital and became conscious there. Next day, he came home. He said that he could survive because he wore a tiger amulet by LP Supoj on that day.

3.    Mrs.  Orn-uma, a worshipper has a tiger amulet by LP Supoj. One day, she dreamt of a big tiger growling at her. She was very frightened, so she woke up. After she woke up, she felt uncomfortable. She telephoned her friend to stay with her. Then she went to her friend’s room and stayed with her until morning. That morning, there was news that there was fire in her apartment last night. Many people were injured and some died. She said that if she did not dream on that day, she might die in fire and she believe very much that the tiger spirit of the tiger amulet by LP Supoj warned her about the big fire.

See more amulets by LP Supoj, click here.

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Jewelry & Gems

No.547: Thai Handmade Silver Accessories, Thai amulet

No.10 (2): Auspicious Elephant Tail Accessories

No.11: Sila Naka **Attract Good Fortune & Money

Amulet Book

“LP Jong of Natangnork Temple” Book with biography of LP Jong and pictures of amulets in colorful

Temple Activities

No.58: Cast LP Thuad, Somdej Toh and the Bell, Get LP Charn Medal

No.51: Build Bell Tower: LP Parn Wat Bang Hia Statue

No.72: Support for AIDS Patients

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Recommend amulet of October 2017

Recommend Powerful  Amulet:
B.E.2500 Phra Somdej Waek Marn Khang Med amulet by LP Guay

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