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PDMAC3455Rc : Superb Oldie Magic! Protection against Invisible Dangers Hoon Phayon Tua Phor (Thai phabet bodyguard amulet) (LP Yen, Wat Sra Parian, Chainat Province )
with Katha: HP_Master

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Size 2.2 cm diameter (includes casing)
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100% Authentic from Temple

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Name: Hoon Phayon Tua Phor (human amulet) **comes with casing

From: LP Yen, Wat Sra Parian, Chainat Province

Origin: Thailand

Year: Prior to B.E.2539 (C.E.1996)

Material: holy rope

size: 2.2 cm diameter (includes casing)

Ceremony : LP Yen studied making Tua Por with Phra Thep Lok Udon via meditation. This amulet LP Yen properly blessed by himself with mantra and mindstream.

Power: Tua Phor is type of Hoon Phayon (human amulet). It is created in shape of the 30th Thai alphabet (Thai: Phor Phan) standing for “Phra Phutta Jao” in Thai or “Buddha”. Tua Phor amulet can protect the worshiper from dangers, ghosts, black magic and bad things as well as bring good luck to owner.

Biography of LP Yen :
Luang Pu Yen ThanRaTo of Wat Sra Parian, Chainat Province was Suphanburi native. He was born in B.E.2445 (C.E.1902). LP Yen was ordained at age 20 at Wat Derm Bang in Suphanburi Province where is near his home. After ordination, LP Yen moved to stay at Wat Rakhang in Bangkok to study monk rules, Pali and Khmer language until he passed the monk examination Nak Tham Ek and Parian 4 Prayok. In those days, LP Yen was famous for sermon speech that many people like to listen to LP’s speech. LP Yen peacefully passed away on 12 May B.E.2539 (C.E.1996) at age 94.

One of well-known amulet of LP Yen is Tua Phor which is kind of Hoon Phayon. LP Yen studied making Tua Phor with Phra Thep Lok Udon* via meditation.

*Phra Thep Lok Udon was a Buddhist monk in period of King Ashoka (the great Indian emperor running the big categorization of Buddhist scriptures) chosen to propagate Buddha’s teachings in Thailand (Siam), Laos, Burma and Cambodia (Khmer) that these four countries are called Suwanaphum. There is no a real picture of Phra Thep Lok Udon. The picture you see is just drawn from imagination. In Thailand, Phra Thep Lok Udon is regarded as an important monk in Thai history. He is also a model of contemplation and maintaining Buddhism for monks in Thailand.

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