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PBUPZ7797R : Rare collection B.E.2519 Phra Pidta Phong Prai Guman amulet with golden case (LP Kaew, Wat RaHanRai, Rayong Province)
with Katha: PT_Master
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Good occasion to worship strong powerful amulet by respectable monk


Name: B.E.2519 Phra Pidta Phong Prai Guman amulet with golden case

From: LP Kaew, Wat RaHanRai, Rayong Province

Year: B.E.2519 (C.E.1976)

Origin: Thailand

Purpose for Making: LP Kaew would like to donate the money from amulets to restore and develop the buildings in temple. Moreover, LP Kaew created the amulets for help people from problem.

Material: LP Kaew created this powerful Phra Pidta amulet by “Phong Prai Guman” mixed with Phong Jinda Manee (holy powder that LP Kaew created from special magic).

Size: around 1.3 cm x 1.5 cm

Ceremony: LP Kaew created and properly blessed Phra Pidta Phong Prai Guman amulet followed LP Tim’s method that LP Kaew blessed until the amulet is full of power.

Powerful: Phra Pidta amulet by LP Kaew is one of well known amulet in Thailand because this powerful amulet can bring wealth, luck, property, good business and fortune to worshiper. Moreover, this powerful Phra Pidta amulet is the best of charm, attractive and kindness. By the way, this powerful amulet can help worshiper from dangerous and bad thing.

Presented: in the back of amulet has holy Yant to increase power. Moreover, this powerful amulet comes with golden case.

Biography of LP Kaew of Wat RaHanRai, Rayong Province:

LP Kaew or LP Kaew KeSaRo was a magical genius of charm & compassion and being invulnerable and a former abbot of Wat RaHanRai in Rayong Province. LP Kaew admired LP Tim very much and he was also LP Tim’s beloved disciple. He was born in Roi-ed Province, the north-east of Thailand. He got ordained when he was 15. He found many skillful guru masters to study magic with them. At that time, he studied mainly magical being invulnerable because he was influenced by gangsters on those days. He was in monkhood until the age of 22. After that, he resigned to live as a layman and then got involved in the gang. His life was in danger. He used to rob with his crews. That gave him a chance to apply magical knowledge he had studied. At last, he got bored with being a robber and felt guilty of what he committed. So, at the age of 60, he decided to be ordained again at Wat WaiKrong in Rayong Province. After the second ordination, he still studied magic and that caused him to meet LP Tim. LP Kaew admired LP Tim as his father. LP Tim taught him all magic he knew. With a quick learner LP Kaew was, he soon became an expert in magic. People believe LP Kaew’s amulets very powerful and effective like LP Tim’s amulets. LP Kaew passed away in B.E.2528 (C.E.1985) while he was 104 years old.

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