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LP Charn, Wat Bang Bor, Samut Prakan **Great Protection

No.1323: Wat PhraSriRattanaMahathat **Supreme Auspice of Life

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eBay Red Star
(79) Collection of Wat KowDin

Grand Openning For Bucha

Auspicious Time for Amulet Collector! Suea Dam Num Chok
Wat KowDin,
Best of Protective Amulet
by LP Suea Dam firmly blessed.

The history of Wat KowDin:
Wat KowDin is located in SupanBuri province. The temple has more than 100-year history of making good Amulets. Most of the believer considered that the Amulets carry protective powers. According to LP Hlun was an abbot of Wat KowDin, SupanBuri province. LP has been an expert of concentration of mindfulness in Buddhism way. LP has knowledge of Visha (Magic).LP Hlun’s amulets are very popular among Thai amulets collectors. He passed away on 11 February 1967 at the age of 83 year old.

Biography of LP TaweeSak:   
LP TaweeSak is 84 years old and had ordained for 50 years. LP TaweeSak is an abbot of Wat SrinuanThammaWimon. LP TaweeSak was ever bandit leader in SupanBuri province. LP TaweeSak learned the magic from the top monks in Thailand such as LP Suk, LP Mui, LP Parn and etc.

LP SueaDam is a chairman for firmly blessed with an abbot of Wat KowDin. Besides, LP SueaDam has strongly blessed for three months by himself.

Purpose for making:
Donate the money for build a hospital at Doembang Nangbuat district,
SuPan Buri province.

  Special : If you order each one item from
K1 to K6  (6 items) you will receive ChooChok MahaLap  Nuea Phong diameter 3 cm Free!!

Information of Nuea Rae Parot (holy mercury):
Parot or holy mercury has supernatural power about protection the worshiper or wearer from dangers, bad things and accidents. In addition, Parot can make the worshiper to be invulnerable.











 ChooChok MahaLap
Material: Nuea Rae Parot (holy mercury)
Size: diameter 3 cm                          

 $19.99  $39.99

 Suea Dam Num Chok Khat Eo (wear at waist)
Material: Nuea Rae Parot (holy mercury) with thread

 Suea Dam Num Chok Bracelet
Material: Nuea Rae Parot (holy mercury) with thread

 $29.99  $49.99
 Suea Dam Num Chok Amulet

Material: Nuea Rae Parot (holy mercury)

 $29.99  $49.99
 Suea Dam Num Chok Amulet

Material: Nuea Kraduk Suea (tiger’s bone)

 $29.99  $49.99
 Khiao Suea Dam Num Chok

Material: Nuea Kraduk Suea (tiger’s bone)
Size: long about 5 cm

 $29.99  $49.99
 Takrut Nang Suea Yai (Big) First batch

Material: Nang Suea (tiger’s skin)
Size: long about 4.5 cm
Quantity: There are a few

  $39.99  $59.99
 Takrut Nang Suea Lek (small) First batch
Nang Suea (tiger’s skin)
Size: long about 2.5 cm
Quantity: There are a few
 $29.99 $49.99

If customer wants to pre-order, please contact at 

We will gather all customers' for pre-order until Tuesday  15 Sep , 2009.
The order will be sent out to customers around Wednesday 04 Nov , 2009. 

If any customer wants casing, just give us 3 days for wearing and price is $5.99 each for stainless or clear plastic casing depend on shape of amulets and $18.00 each for micron gold casing and 24.00 silver casing.

However, if any customer would like to wear 90% real gold casing (22K gold) in group 6(recommended), please let us know via
Price range is 150$-500$ depend on size and design of casing. It takes around 10-14 days to make the casing.We will confirm price of real gold casing again. Please be inform that price of this casing will be changed all the times due to changing in market price of gold casing. That is the reason why we can't confirm exact price right here. By the way, you can go to link below to see estimate price of other customers' purchase.

Payment must be sent before Thursday 17 Sep, 2009.    
The shipping cost for item is $8.00 each. Next piece is $3.00.

Fill this form and email to me, I will send invoice by 24 hours.

Pre-Order Request:
1. Code
Quantity………Casing..(want or don't want and what type)
2. Code
3. Code

Name………………… Email to send Invoice………………………..
(Let me know the method of payment : paypal or credit card)


Don't miss this opporturnity!!

Most Renting Price after Pre-order will be change double upward due to demand of market.

Here is great opportunity to rent good amulets at low price.

Last modified : 09 Oct 2009 - 09:08 PM (GMT+7:00)

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