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LP Koon, Wat BahnRai, Nakhon Ratchasima **Safe & Prosperous

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No.1346: Wat SaTue **Protection & Auspiciousness

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Collection of LP Rak

What you will receive from purchase of our Pre-order :

1. Get right instruction and way to worship which is an important thing for making amulets be effective and strong.
2. Get right incantation (katha or mantra) for every pieces of amulet in form of MP3 and English Text Files. It is a must for worshiper to recite specific and right incantation because it will increase power of amulets.(Almost all of Thai amulet have specific incantation from Guru who build the amulets)
3. Get accumulate points, when you purchase every Pre-order from Billionmore. You can use points to exchange into iDiscount card or Billionmore gift set (redeem every 6 months)
4. Get gurantee for damage occur during transportation.

Grand Openning For Bucha

Great Powerful Amulet from Great Monk

"Phayak Decho"
Batch of 2010

LP Rak
Wat Sutthawad Wipatsana
Ayutthaya province

Biography of LP Rak:
LP Rak is a calm and unambitious monk. Since LP Rak ordained never wear sandal. LP Rak studied the magic from 16 top monks in Thailand such as LP Tim from Wat Phra Khao, LP Iat from Wat Phai Lom, LP Yam from Wat Sam Ngam, LP Ruay from Wat Tako, LP Hong from Wat Phet Buri, LP Koon from Wat Ban Rai and other.

LP Rak strongly blessed this powerful amulet in 13 April C.E.2010 by himself for long time at Wat Sutthawad Wipatsana.

Purpose for making:
Donate money from amulet to build new sermon hall at Wat Sutthawad Wipatsana.

Phaya Phayak Kha Rat

Material: this powerful amulet made from “Nuea Samrit Det” (special bronze)

Build: 2,553 items

Powerful: there are many supernatural powers in Phaya Phayak Kha Rat amulet by LP Rak such as bring wealth, luck and property to a worshipper. On the other hand, there is great of protection that can protect a worshipper from dangerous, bad things and animals. In addition, there is great of invulnerable too.


If customer has any questions, please contact at 

We will gather all customers' for pre-order until Monday 07 Jun.,2010.
The order will be sent out to customers 
after send payment by 3 business days.

 Get new cheaper casing price in new pre-order sytem!!

If any customer wants casing, just give us 3 days for wearing and price is $5.99 each for stainless or clear plastic casing depend on shape of amulets and $15.99 each for micron gold casing and $33.99 silver casing.

However, if any customer would like to wear 90% real gold casing
(22K gold) in group 6(recommended), please let us know via
Price range is 150$-500$ depend on size and design of casing. It takes around 10-14 days to make the casing.We will confirm price of real gold casing again. Please be inform that price of this casing will be changed all the times due to changing in market price of gold casing. That is the reason why we can't confirm exact price right here. By the way, you can go to link below to see estimate price of other customers' purchase.


1. Now you can do transaction by yourself !!!

2. We would like to suggest you should divide your pre-order from usually order because the amulet in pre-order will send on schedule indicate above.

Don't miss this opporturnity!!

After Pre-order’s price might raise to 30-60% of the Pre-order’s price that depend on
the amulets.
If amulets are very popular and rare
or making limit amount, the price could
raise upto double of the Pre-order price.

Here is great opportunity to rent good amulets at low price.

Last modified : 12 May 2010 - 05:26 PM (GMT+7:00)


Phaya Phayak Kha Rat

LP Rak, Wat Sutthawad Wipatsana, Ayutthaya province


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