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            There are no record or evidence identifying when or in what era Muay Thai was originated. Someone believes that it started 2,000 years ago when Thais migrated from the south of China.  However, there is an assurance evidence that Muay Thai is Thai national art for long time. In the past, Muay Thai is necessary for men. It is necessary for men to know about Muay Thai that go together with weapon training because it is important art of body movement. Formerly, Muay Thai training was high level art which specific only king, high boss and nobleman. Afterwards, it is widespread to ordinary people. Owing to past, Temple or Wat is the first place for make merit as well as school of marital art.

            Therefore, religion and Muay Thai combine together as a result in mix amulet to Muday Thai equipment. In body would have amulet such as Prajioud(armband), Mongkol, Cloth with magic or Takrut  and Phra Rod  etc. Moreover, some boxers put Lek Lai under skin or draw Yahn on the body.  Thais boxers believe that all of these will support the confidence and invincibility of Them.


                           PBUPZ389                     MBHTHA56


                            PAMTK18                                PAMTK19    


                                          PAMAY03      PAMAY08     PAMAY17



MABTHA06         MABTHA13          MABTHA78


According to Thai ancient tradition, before fighting will have salute teacher ceremony to recall his teacher. Moreover, it helps Thai boxer’s mind is not shaken, secure and remain conscious. For Muay Thai dancing will observe opponents and be relieved tension both of body and mind. Nowadays, mongkol has developed in many patterns of weaving. Muay Thai developed from fight art to be extensively sport in many countries. Mongkol has been developed into new patterns and are colorful. Besides, there are many raw materials such as cotton and nylon etc. It depends on preference of boxers.


            A type of Mongkol can be divided in following characters of the weaving or material:


  Type R is Mongkol Made of Rubber.       





   Type S is Mongkol "Snake Shape" handbraided style.


  MBHTHA11         MBHTHA32          MBHTHA06


   Type C is Mongkol "Centipede" handbraided style.




  Type H is Mongkol "Hurricane" handbraided style.




  Type L is Mongkol "Lai-Pradit" handbraided style. 


  Type T is Mongkol "Takrut" handbraided style.




 Type M is Mongkol "Mayom" handbraided style.




  Type F is Mongkol "Fish's Roe" handbraided style.





  Type P is Mongkol "Pia" handbraided style.




  Type B is Mongkol "Blossom" handbraided style.




  Type K is Mongkol "Kingly" handbraided style.




Recently, we have a new Mongkol style that include a Thai amulet on the Mongkol. Thai people believe that the Thai amulet have a power for brings good luck to the owner and protection from danger and bad things.


      PHCOZ03              Bia Gae PAMPH09             PGOPZ15



         This is a sample picture of the new Mongkol style that include Garuda in the Mongkol for increase power of the Mongkol. 





          Garuda is the king of birds, half-man and half-bird, the vehicle of Vishnu, a Hindu God.  Description of Garuda varies from legend to legend.  The Garuda is usually represented as having the head, beak, wings, and talons of an eagle.  With the torso like that of human, his face appears white, his wigs red, and shiny golden body.  In the Sanskrit literature, Garuda is a son Kasyapa.  Legenda says that Kasyapa was a powerful sage. Thai people Believe Garuda amulet That can help the owner to secure good and protect from inauspicious things enemy.


By : Hawk :)





Last modified : 26 Oct 2007 - 06:55 PM (GMT+7:00)

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