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Auspicious Animal Amulet (1)

Auspicious Animal Amulet(1)


Do you believe in power of animal amulet?


Why elephant, horse, tiger, singha, garuda, bird, monkey, dragon, naga, lizard, gecko, and others can be powerful animal amulet?

This is because each animal represents horoscope of each year. Therefore, many guru monks or layman make animal amulets call animal’s spirit to amulet.

Animal relates with human for a long time. In the past, people believe that some animals have power’s spirit inside.  However, it does not mean all animals can be amulet.

Animal is one of magic amulet. We can find animal amulet in many patterns such as animal setting for table, animal for hanging, and animal for building decoration. Moreover, nowadays animal became logo or symbol corporations. 


Some example animal that is an important sign.



   Garuda-Sign of Ministry of Finance               Snake – Sign of Ministry of Public Health                



   Singha-Sign of Ministry of Interior                 Elephant – Sign of BeerThai 1991 Co.,Ltd.




         Erawan Elephant Museum                           Naga – Wat PhraTahat Doi Suthep



First Part, we will let you know 12-habit of each year born.

If you are not sure which is your year born, you can check your year born at these articles below:




The animal that controls the year you were born.



Rat Year

People born in the year of the rat are busy and energetic. They are charming and they try hard to make people like them. They are often generous people who become good leaders.



Ox Year


People born in the year of the ox are usually hard-working and practical. They work so hard, they sometimes forget to play. They are conservative-they don’t like change, and don’t easily accept new ideas.




       PHCPZ81                                            PHCPZ87a



Tiger Year


People born in the year of the tiger are brave, confident and unpredictable. They love parties and taking risks. They like to be free, so they find it hard to be married.


                PBUBR46                                     PHCOZ03



              PHCPZ49                                        PHCPZ53




Rabbit Year


People born in the year of the rabbit are usually clever, and they like to do things correctly. They like to be comfortable and they are quiet and calm. They hate to argue and will do anything to avoid a disagreement.



Dragon Year


People born in the year of the dragon are bold, brave people who are very noticeable in a crowd. They are very honest and truthful.


               PHCPZ25                             PAMPZ45







Snake Year


People born in the year of the snake are intelligent. They are very persistent when trying to solve a problem. They love luxury, but they can be self-indulgent and lazy.




Horse Year


People born in the year of the horse are very active people, they love jokes and they are friendly and entertaining. They are often clever and have good ideas, but they might leave things half finished.



Goat Year


People born in the year of the goat are quiet and sincere but they get depressed easily. They worry a lot. They enjoy concerts and music, and they love art. They are creative people, but they are not very good at making money.




Monkey Year


People born in the year of the monkey are very intelligent and active, although sometimes they look quiet and shy. They have very good memories, and they love to make people laugh. Their weakness is that they often give up easily.

  PGOPZ116   PGOPZ229





Rooster Year


People born in the year of the rooster are complicated people. They are difficult to understand. They are critical of others but they hate being criticized. They are analytical thinkers and they are very inquisitive.




Dog Year


People born in the year of the dog are kind and loyal. They like spending, and they can be careless with money. They are honest and sometimes outspoken. Often, they secretly worry.




Pig Year


People born in the year of the pig are kind, friendly and brave. They are very reliable, and they will do anything to help a friend. They are very clever with money. They make good bankers and investors.






Second Part, will let you know real miracle from animal amulets

Real Miracles from Peesia amulet.

We got these real miracles from webboard on internet.




        PAMPZ35                                  PAMST08                             PAMST09              



                                  PAMST11                                 PAMST10


Real Story 1


Mr.DamRongSak  MaNasWaNich who is the manager of China City Department Store Co.,Ltd. He is one of person who worships Peesia. He said that after he worship Peesia his business is better. Moreover, he said that he know with a pregnant woman who worship Peesia too. She won lottery. Nowadays, he believed in power of Peesia and worship daily.



                        PAMST12                                                  PHCPZ71



Real Story 2

Mr. Bundit is Mrs.Vilawan’s husband. His career is selling second hand truck and selling jewelry at Nakorn Ratchasima province, Thailand. He said that in the past he had never know about Peesia and he did not believe in Peesia’s power.

Next, 6-7 months later he depressed very much because he can not sell anything. But he must pay for any expenses every month. He did not know how he will do. Therefore, he decided to worshiped Peesia to help him.

Afterward, he asked from Peesia that if Peesia can help him to sell truck he will believe in the exist of holy Peesia.

It is unbelievable that next morning, he could sell 10-truck within 1 hour.

He believed that it happened because of Peesia’s holy.

Nowadays, he faith in power of Peesia so much. His business continues to big and wealth. 


Power of Peesia Amulet :

Bring wealth, richness and prosperity for the owner.


The right way to worship Peesia Amulet:

1. Owner should take care this amulet by cleaning daily. Moreover, the owner should stroke head and back.

2. Stroke this amulet at stomach will have a good standard of living.

3. Stroke this amulet at head will bring clever wisdom.

4. Stroke this amulet at back will bring lucky and good fortune.

5. Prohobition! Don't stroke this amulet at mouth because it will not keep money.  


Real Miracle from Tiger amulet



Real Story 3

One man had Sak-Yant tiger on his back and hang tiger amulet. One day he was harmed by 10 men with many weapons but he was safety. He had only little wounds. He believed that his safety came from his tiger amulet on his skin.





                PAMAY22      PAMAY80





Real Story 4

One man hang tiger amulet of LP Garlong. At first, he does not believe in power of this tiger amulet. He wants to test the power of it. Then, he had clenched tiger amulet in his hand and chant katha. Later half hour, he had something abnormal with him. His body shakes seriously. Moreover, his manner is similar with tiger. His family was frightened so much. His wife did not know how she would help him. Therefore, she took him to monk room. Next morning, he recovered from tiger’s manner. He believed that this cause from power of LP Pern’s tiger amulet.   



Power of Tiger Amulet :

Protect from any evil and bad things. 


The right way to worship Tiger Amulet:

1. Owner should chant katha daily. 

2. Please offer with streakly pork and egg.  


            Besides, animal can make amulet. Animal is likely to be sak yant (Tattoo) on body such as tiger, hanuman, crocodile etc. People believe that if tatto is made by guru monk or holy laymen, person will have power and protection from any bad things.


This is real miracle after a men had tatto tiger on his back at Wat Bang Phra. His manner is very strange. Nobody can prove what this manner happen from.

Source : Kom Chad Luek Newspaper, Mar 7 2007.



            Anyway, power of animal amulet can not happen with everyone. Power will come from faith and respect of amulet. Moreover, to increase power needs to chant katha daily. If you’re one of who want to know miracle from amulet, please don’t miss to worship animal amulet.




Buddha Bless you all!


Last modified : 17 Jul 2007 - 12:55 PM (GMT+7:00)
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