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How Famous of JaTuKam RaMaThep(1)



Here are some miracles from JaTuKam RaMaThep.

Nobody can explain that what happen!!


Amazing !! Photo in cremation rites of "Police Major General KhunPanTaRak RachaDej" at Wat PhraBaRomMaHaThat WoRaWiHarn, Nakorn Sri ThamMaRat province. This picture found old man in white cloth in the front of coffin. Many people said that this is KhunPanTaRak RachDej's soul.


        Mrs.PorTa  PhatTaNaMaNee (teacher of Nakorn Sri ThamMaRat kindergarten) was taking this photo. She said that in early evening of Feb 20 she used digital photo "Sony" took a photo in cremation rites. She used night mode. She took general photo in this rites. But while she was taking in front of coffin. She found with this photo. She was very shocked. She confirmed that this photo didn't made before.


Source : Khaosod Newspaper : Feb 22,2007


Photo while cremate of Khun PanTaRak RachDej at Wat PhraMaHaThat WorRaWiHarn, Nakorn Sri Thammarat province. It found that there is JaTuKam in the sky.


Source : Daily News : Feb 25,2007.



Riddle Picture : Mr.PhaiSal (a man who wearing yellow cloth) took this picture. He found riddle picture (in red circle). It is similar with JaTuKam.

Source : Daily News : Feb 23,2007.



KhunPanTaRak RachaDej's picture

            Police Major General KhunPanTaRak Rachadej was a commander 8 of NakornSriThammarat province. He suppressed many robbers. His famous can bring reputation namely "VeeRaBuRut PrikkeeNoo(Hot Chilli Hero)".

            In the end of his life, he became famous magical layman. Many people respected him so much. He is the origin of making JaTuKam RaMaThep.


           Nowadays JaTuKam RaMaThep is great renowned amulet. This amulet is not only famous in Thailand but is also popular in many foreign countries too. This is because of supernatural power and miracle from JaTuKam RaMaThep.

In this article we will take you know more about JaTuKam RaMaThep.




           PGOPZ322                                                              PGOPZ323


Jatukam RaMaThep is a holy god who protects Phra BaRomMaThat at Nakhon Si Thammarat province. 



The legend of JaTuKam RaMaThep


  Formerly, JaTuKam RaMaThep was a king in Srivichai kingdom. He had the formal namely that Phra Chao ChanTaRa Pha Nu. He was the first king of Sri ThamMa Sokarat Royal family. Also, he was a courageous warrior. His body was dark. While Srivichai kingdom was stable, he got appellation that “Black Monarch of South Sea” (RaChanDum Hang TaLay Tai) and “Pha Ya Pang PaKan”.  After he was very success, he had performed meritorious acts until being Buddha. He helped several people from troubles.



Miracle :Supernatural power like Sun and Moon!!


            Nowadays JaTuKam RaMaThep is widely-known as respective god.  Regarding to engrave of Sri Vichian, JaTuKam RaMaThep has supernatural power like Sun and Moon. He can dispel obscure in the world. He can do this because of performed meritorious acts until being Buddha. He was full of power of merit, supernatural power and miracle-performing power. As a result, great ceremony of JaTuKam presents sun encircled by a halo.



Picture of sun encircled by a halo


News about Fake JaTuKam






Guru Monk of Nakorn Sri Thammarat notified police to arrest cheat seller on Feb 12, 2007. Phra Arjarn Rang who is guru monk of Nakorn SriThammarat provice was notified police to arrest 2 cheat sellers while worship ceremony.



Phra Arjarn Rang said that on Feb 4, 2007 Mr. Sawat who is a cheat seller and his friend had talked to him that he’ll make JaTuKam. But Phra Arjarn Rang said with him that please talk making JaTuKam later.




Afterwards, Phra Arjarn Rang found that these two sellers make Fake JaTuKam “BaRaMee SriViChai”batch and using name of Phra Arjarn Rang. Moreover, Mr.Sawat had referred to Phra Arjarn Rang’s name to contact at amulet shop in many area.  Also, Mr.Sawat had made incantation ceremony by himself.


             As above reason, Phra Arjarn Rang was notified police to arrest him.  The police found 2,589 pieces of Fake JaTuKam “BaRaMee” batch of Wat Phra MaHaThat Woramahawihan, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province.

Source : Khaosod Newspaper Feb 12, 2007




Elementary Rules for Fake JaTuKam Verification


            There are many batches of JaTuKam in different prices. Owing to rumors of holy and power of Jatukam cause making fake Jutakam. Therefore, many cheat sellers take fake JaTuKam to deceive buyers on internet. Please be concern on following aspects when you  you worship JaTuKam amulet.


1. Painting – Authentic JaTukam is smoother and tidier than fake JaTuKam.

2. Compressing moulds (Pim) – Authentic JaTuKam face and body is clearer than fake JaTuKam’s.

3. Batch & Ceremony – Authentic JaTuKam must identify batch and ceremony or Guru Monk’s name. Also, the ceremony has to present some miracle.




Picture of ceremony


4. Colors – Fake JaTuKam is colorful than authentic Jatukam


If you want to see some example of fake JaTuKam, you can see at this link below:


           Above rules are only elementary verification. Now making fake JaTuKam is closely with Authentic JaTuKam because continuous development of counterfeit. Therefore, we need more check and proof before buying.


Here is same rule:

1. Buying with trustworthy shopEvery amulet not only JaTuKam needs to buy with trustworthy shop especially shops that have guaranteed 100% authentic certification. It is to confirm that the amulets are from temple.

2. Worship ceremonyWhile worship ceremony for JaTuKam, there are found with miracle such as halo sun or windy.  Many holy JaTuKam will found this event while doing this ceremony. Select the best ceremony before making decision.

3. MantraReceiving false katha and worship can bring bad luck. Therefore, please check buyer for giving the right katha and how to worship.



        PGOPZ303                          PGOPZ316                              PGOPZ317



3 conditions wishing from JaTuKam


1. Possible wishing that not contrary with morals

2. After successful wishing needs to act of keeping one’s promise

3. Make merit and good deed dedicate to JaTuKam

 The important thing is making merit to yourself such as give alms and observe the commandments



            PGOPZ319                             PAMPZ64                           PAMPZ65




Example of Famous Temple of making Authentic JaTuKam


1. Wat Phra Mahathat Woramahawihan, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province

Wat Phra Mahathat is the most important temple of Nakhon Si Thammarat and southern Thailand. It was constructed at the time of the founding of the town, and contains a tooth relic of Buddha. The 78 m high chedi is surrounded by 173 smaller ones. While the chedi is now in Sri Lankan style, it is said to be built on top of an earlier Srivijaya style chedi. The chedi is the symbol of the Nakhon Si Thammarat province, present in the seal of the province. It is also displayed on the 25 satang coin.




2. Wat KowOor, Phatthalung province

Wat KowOor is a place of magical knowledge. It is famous temple for a long time. The age of this temple is more than 120 years old. There are many guru monks and layman who are very famous for making amulets.




         3. Wat Phutthaisawan, Ayutthaya province

            Wat Phutthaisawan is located to the south of the river bank opposite the city island. Constructed in the area where King U-Thong and his subjects first migrated in order to establish the new town, it was formerly known as "Wiang Lek" named after the royal palace of King U-Thong. The most distinctive feature of this temple is the great principal Buddha image cast in the early Ayutthaya style




Famous JaTuKam : Nakhon Si Thammarat Revenue Department (RD) prepares to collect tax.

      Miss SiRiPorn Booncharoen, officer of NaKhon Si Thammarat Revenue Department said that now there are lots of making JaTuKam. Everyday Puttapisek ceremony are hold at Wat Phra BarommaThat.

            Since last 1-2 years, making JaTuKam can make income many billion baht. She expected that Jatukam’s popularity still continue. Therefore, RD is preparing to collect tax for this amulet.

Source : Khaosod Newspaper  Feb 2, 2007

Real miracle experience of JaTuKam


            Sondhi Limthongkul  is a controversial and outspoken Thai journalist, and the owner of the Phujatkarn Daily, a local Thai newspaper, as well as several other media outlets. He was also the host of a popular anti-government talk show which was eventually suspended due to allegations that the program made inappropriate references to the monarchy.


Mr.Sondhi Limthongkul 



He is a liberate leader. He respect in JaTuKam since before Anti-Thaksin congregation.  He knows from Lieutenant Sanpetch ThammaThikul who is a NaKhon Si Thammarat’s commander. Lieutenant Sanpetch is originator of making first batch (1987) of JaTukam. Mr.Sondhi said that the 2nd batch is Goo Chat batch(liberate country batch) which made in 2006.  The holy things of this batch are kris and ancient mirror.

        He always holds amulets and carries with him every times when he has his speech. When he was on the stage, he was impetuous every time. He believed that his impetuous comes from power and holy of the amulet.


Please be inform that the cost of fake JaTuKam is not over $1.00

Therefore, it is impossible that selling less than $10 JaTuKam on internet will be authentic JaTuKam. All Buyer Beware!!



                POTBK36                                                POTBK37























Last modified : 19 Oct 2007 - 09:55 PM (GMT+7:00)
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