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Who know Real or Fake amulet?(1)

Who Know
or Fake



          Nobody wants to worship fake amulet. Fake amulet is similar with fake gold, fake diamond. Fake amulet made when the amulet is popular and many people want to worship the amulet.

The reason of people who make fake amulet.

1.      The amulet is new and very popular

2.      The amulet is old and high price

Then it becomes making fake amulet. There are many levels of fake amulet such as rough and neatly. If someone does not have a knowledge about amulet, you may be cheated by bad seller. 

          Therefore we wrote this article for a person who wants to know about fake or real amulet in Thailand.

          We receive this information from temples and fake amulet market(Tha-Phra-Chan). Below are 4 types of amulets mostly found as fake on ebay!!!!!

1. “Nop Pa Rath Nop Pa Koon” Coin, Wat Pai Lom

          On October, 13 2006 polices trespassed famous Somporn amulet shop at Tha Phra Chan. They found many fake amulets of Wat Pai Lom, Nakhon Pathom around 1,000 pieces.

          LP Namphon, act for Wat Pai Lom’s abbot, said that 2 weeks ago his disciple knows that this Somporn shop rent amulet from Wat Pai Lom. Later, this shop made several copies of Nop Pa Rath Nop Pa Koon Coins.

          Lp Namphon said that Nop Pa Rath Nop Pa Koon Coin has been according to 1 year anniversary of vacated LP Poon’s body. The revenue of this amulet will donate to school building. This coin has been made at the end of 2005 year.

          Nop Pa Rath Nop Pa Koon Coin was recited in 11 big ceremonies.

          To be noticed, a real coin is different from fake amulet as follows:

          - Different color

          - Different material

          - Different price

 The picture of LP Namphon showing

fake Nop Pa Rath Nop Pa Koon Coin at Somporn shop

Resource : Kom Chad Luek newspaper on Oct 13, 2006



Authentic Nop Pa Rath Nop Pa Koon Coin




Authentic Nop Pa Rath Nop Pa Koon Coin



2. Phra Khun Paen of LP Poon, Wat Pai Lom (PBUPZ470)

          Phra Khun Paen of LP Poon is one of amulet which is very popular for many people here. This amulet is full of power and miracle.  This amulet is hard to classify whether it is fake or real amulet. By the way, it is vital to see these remarkable things.

-         Face of Real Phra Khun Paen is clearly more than the fake Phra Khun Paen.

-         Face of Real Phra Khun Paen is more kindliness than the fake Phra Khun Paen.

-         Color of Real Phra Khun Paen is more beautiful than the fake Phra Khun Paen.

-         Box of Real Phra Khun Paen is VSP(vision plastic) No. 240 and have indicated the temple’s. The fake one does not have all of these.

-         Real Phra Khun Paen has a clearly picture of Guman Thong on the back more than the fake Phra Khun Paen.

-         Face of Guman Thong is more kindliness than the fake one.



The comparison between Original and Fake


3. Thep Jam Rang/ Phra Sarika /Butterfly, KB Kritsana

Now there are many Kruba Kritsana’s amulets style in Thai amulet market. Some of amulets don’t make and paint by Kruba Kritsana. This is because some disciple request mold for making amulet in style of Kruba Kritsana. As a result, there are many painting amulets selling at very cheap price!!! Thais call “Fake amulet”. Don’t wear the fake amulet because it reduces your power and enhance negative impact to your life. You should notice as follows:

-        Color and painting of Real amulet is different with e tfake amulet.

-        The gems of real amulet is genuine and luster but the fake amulet is plastic that look cheap.

-      The butterfly of real amulet is more refine and beautiful than the fake amulet.

-         Smell of real amulet is nice and aroma but smell of fake amulet is like synthetic rubber.




                   Front of Real amulet                           Front of Fake amulet



                    Back of Real amulet                            Back of Fake amulet

Butterfly amulet



               The Front of Real Sarika                             The Front of Fake Sarika




              The Back of Real Sarika                            The Back of Fake Sarika




The difference between Real and Fake Sarika



4. Buddha Relics

          Buddha’s relic and Phra A-Ra-Hun’s relic are sacred objects which protected by god. Also, they can show the miracle by increase or decrease the amount of them, fluorescent, shine in the dark place and change color and shape. Relic is rare to find. As a result, we can not estimate the value of relic because relic is holy thing.

          Some sellers buy color seed which the feature is nearby with relic from fake amulet market (Tha-Phra-Chan).  They lie that it is real relic and sell this color seed on e-bay.  The fake relics are many colors such as red (claim from Buddha blood), yellow and green (Claim from Buddha body part). In fact, it is only color synthetic seed. Some seeds that have clear or white color are pieces of damp protection rather. These are sold in a bottle about $2 - $5/bottle. These sellers damage Buddhism.

Please read more information about real relic as follow:


See how real relic float onto water and move together.


         You can prove fake relic as follows:

-         Put fake relic in water. Next, it drowns.

-         Fake relic absorbs water. It becomes dark color.

-         All fake will be as group under water.

-         If you leave fake amulet in water for a long time, it will be cracked.

    Fake relic from fake amulet market

Desiccant - An important material for making Fake Relic

The Desiccant change color from blue to pink when the weather is damp.
It is not mirale !!!

                                             The picture of proof fake relic     

                           Picture of fake relic which drowning after put relic in water for 10 mins.             

                                Picture of fake relic which drowning after put relic in water for 1 day.


The conclusion of fake amulet that we can see as follows:

-         It is unbelievable cheap price.

-         It is a rough material but bright colour.

-         It color is easily disappears or change as pale colour.

THAT WILL BRING PROBLEM (bad luck, illness,accident)




Tip :) 

Last modified : 19 Oct 2007 - 10:30 PM (GMT+7:00)
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