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Casting a Buddhist Lent Candle
Khao Phansa (Buddhist Lent) involves donations of wax candles to temples, which the monks use as visual aids while chanting Buddhist texts through the night and performing other functions.

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SERM DUANG - SangKhaThan (Offering neccessary stuff to a monk)

restoring monk cubicles damaged by flood and termites

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PROMO269 : PROMO Make Merit: Donate to Build Shrine, Get 1 Free Good Luck & Destiny Nine-Emperor God Medal from AJ Lee (Khunnatham Sathan Tekka Ji Bu Koh Association, Prachinburi Province)
with Katha: AJLee_master
Stock Status Low in Stock   
Size 1.8 cm x 3.8 cm
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Subtotal37.00 USD  


**Thank you so much for kindly joining us. Proceeds from this medal go to the construction of the shrine run by AJ Lee.
We would like to say "Sadhu" with you too.

100% Authentic from Temple

Don't miss!

Name: PROMO Make Merit: Donate to Build Shrine, Get 1 Free Jiu Huang Dadi or Nine-Emperor God Medal (Good Luck & Destiny) from AJ Lee

From: Khunnatham Sathan Tekka Ji Bu Koh Association, Prachinburi Province

Origin: Thailand

Year: B.E.2562 (C.E.2019)

Material: The amulet is made from various holy materials that were sought out from many sacred places. It has been consecrated by well-known monks.

Power: The amulet provides guidance and protection, to he/she who obtains it, from the calamities of the nine planets’ ruling deities. Worshipping the ruling deities will influence your destiny for the better.

Forepart contains the name of all the deities. Rearpart contains auspicious blessings that states, ‘When traveling elsewhere, expect good fortune. At labour, may people around you love and bless you, for eternity.’

Amount of Making: There are only 999 amulets, with codes sealed on all the amulets.

About Arjarn Lee:
Here is an occult master named “Arjarn Lee” from Prachinburi Province. He used to be a monk. First ordained as “nen” (Buddhist novice) at Wat Pa Mafai and studied magic and meditation with LP Seng Sukhito and more guru monks. In monkhood, AJ Lee had set off Tudong (pilgrimage) in the woods for 1 year and then resigned to live as a layman. That does not stop him from curiosity in magic, AJ Lee continued studying magic from many occult masters in Southern magic, E-San/Northeast magic and both Thai and Chinese masters for 10 years. At a proper age of monk ordination (20 years old), AJ Lee got ordained at Wat Pa Mafai and later has returned to an occult master until present.

AJ Lee is solitary. He does not to show himself to public media. For magic, AJ Lee can invite the divine into the rituals that enhance and improve destiny from bad to good for everybody.

“This is content is copyright and duplication is not permitted.”

List of Donors:
2. Mr.Gee Yong Wee and family [1]
3. Mr.Goh Leng Chye [1]
4. Mustafa Sahin(Phee Khun) and Sahin Family [1]
5. LEE Ching Ching [1]
6. Mr.Max LEE [1]
7. LEE Ching Ping and Family [1]
8. Mr.Arthur Cresswell [1]
9. Tan Eng Liang, Dickman & Family [1]
10. anonymous [1]
11. Tina Keomalithong and Family [1]
12. May Leung Chor Wan & Keung Sau Mui both's ancestors, dead family dependents, enemies and karmic creditors transit to pure lands or three higher realms, and finally attaining Buddhahood. [1]
13. Mr Lee Ni Kang [1]
14. Soh Leh Hun & Sor Ting Hui [1]
15. Tan YiDa Ventus [1]
16. Ms.WANG YUAN MUN [1]
17. Edmund Castaneda [2]
18. Mr.Lee Boon Han [1]
19. Mr.Nakharin Oudanonh [1]

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