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Black magic is a common concept that transcends national borders and religious beliefs. In Thailand, for instance, black magic is an integral part of local culture and spirituality. The country has a rich tradition of using talismans and charms to ward off evil spirits, attract good fortune, and protect oneself from harm. In this article, we will delve into the world of Thai black magic and explore the various talismans and charms that are believed to possess magical powers.

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Preorder > No.2896: Great Love & Sex Appeal: Takrut Malaeng Wan Kham (High Lanna Charm) > PREAC5288
PREAC5288 : Strong Love & Sex Appeal: Malaeng Wan Kham (Lanna Bug Charm Talisman), Bronze plated with 3Kasat (gold wings) (KB Khamfan & AJ Tong )
with Katha: Charm_Master
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**Closure Date: 20 July 2024
**Dispatch Date from Temple: 15 August 2024

**For pre-order items, customers please are sure to order because after booking, we cannot cancel and get refund from temple. Thank you so much for your understanding.

**Notes: Pre-order images are examples. The real item may be different according to material, design and color.


100% Authentic from the Temple

Name: Malaeng Wan Kham (Lanna Bug Charm Talisman) *with code and serial number

From: KB Khamfan & AJ Tong

Origin: Thailand

Batch: Malaeng Wan Kham Yod Saneh

Year: 2567 BE (2024 CE)

Material: Bronze plated with 3Kasat (gold wings)

Quantity Built: 300 pcs

Purpose: To earn proceeds from amulet to develop and restore the temple

Consecration: Blessed by KB Khamfan and AJ Tong

Powers: Malaeng Wan Kham, also known as the "Bug Amulet", is a highly revered and sought-after high-grade Lanna Buddha amulet from Thailand. It is said to possess extraordinary powers that grant the wearer an aura of irresistible charm, magnetism, and attractiveness.

The Malaeng Wan Kham amulet is believed to be imbued with the energies of the celestial realm, particularly the blessings of the Buddha and other deities. It is said to radiate a subtle yet powerful energy field that attracts positive energies and repels negative ones, making the wearer appear more attractive and alluring to others.

Some of the reported benefits of wearing a Malaeng Wan Kham amulet include:

Sex Appeal: As you mentioned, the amulet is believed to increase the wearer's sex appeal, making them more attractive and charismatic to others.

Confidence Boost: The amulet is said to instill confidence and self-assurance in the wearer, allowing them to feel more comfortable in their own skin.

Charm and Magnetism: The Malaeng Wan Kham is believed to radiate a subtle yet powerful energy that attracts positive energies and people, drawing others to the wearer like a magnet.

Protection: The amulet is said to offer protection from negative energies and influences, keeping the wearer safe from harm and bad luck.

Lucky Charm: Wearing a Malaeng Wan Kham amulet is believed to bring good fortune and prosperity to the wearer, including success in love, career, and finance.

How to Use: Carry in a pocket below waist.

About Khamfan:

KB (Kruba) Khamfan (aged 84, 2024 CE) is Mon ethnic. KB got ordained in priesthood at age 15 at Wat Gor Chok, Chiang Mai Province. After ordination, stayed at Wat Gor Chok and studied dharma with KB Taa his preceptor. Today, KB Khamfan is an abbot of Wat Got Chok. All his monkhood, KB Khamfan is always in precepts and kind to everybody, so people in Chiang Mai highly respect KB.

About AJ Tong:

Ajarn Tong (the head of Samnak Puttakun Yant Lanna, Lamphun Province) is the successful spiritual successor* who has the intention to conserve valuable Northern magic. He learnt mantras and art of making efficacious amulets from several Northern Thai occultists. Now, he is ready to apply his knowledge to help people.

*Spiritual successor Lanna YANTRA Style is a way of learning what inner values are. Religious beliefs about Buddhism, magic spells, characters through the skin, symbols on the skin, the heroic, courage and mental self-awareness. The ancient warriors in Lanna in the war needed preparation in the form of special and meaningful Lanna tattoos.

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Amulets by KB Khamfan & AJ Tong

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