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It was Kruba Boonchum's intention for the practice of meditation for 3 years, 3 months, 3 days in order to seek peace and avoiding solitude in the practice of dharma starting from 29th April 2019 until 31st July 2022.

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Preorder > No.2445: Famous Buddha of Wealth & Glory**Rian Jampi Buddha Sothon Medal > PREAC2933
PREAC2933 : Wealth & Glory Gold with Colors Rian Jampi Buddha Sothon Medal (Wat Khao Din, Chachoengsao Province)
with Katha: Buddha_Sothorn
Stock Status Discontinued   
Size height 3.9 cm


**Booking Closure Date: 15th July 2022
**Estimated Time of Delivery from Temple: October 2022

**For pre-order items, customers please are sure to order because after booking, we cannot cancel and get refund from temple. Thank you so much for your understanding.

**Note: This picture is an example. The real item may be different according to material, design and color.


100% Authentic from Temple

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Name: Rian Jampi Buddha Sothon Medal

Size: height 3.9 cm

Material: gold with colors

Net Weight: 37-39g

Making: only 18 pcs

From: Wat Khao Din, Chachoengsao Province

Origin: Thailand

**Every Amulet with a Code and a Serial Number**

Batch: "Roon Jao Sarp"

Year: B.E.2565 (C.E.2022)

Objective: to earn donations to restore Wat Khao Din, Wat Nong Dong and public welfare

Ceremony: holy blessing ceremony by famous guru monks of Chachoengsao Province on the auspicious date

Buddha Sothon (well-known as Luangpho Sothon) is the famous Buddha image, situated in the chapel of Wat Sothonwararam Worawihan, Chachoengsao province. For decades, faith in Buddha Sothon has not decreased. People from all regions of Thailand come to pay respect to Buddha Sothon. Thai people believe Buddha Sothon brings security, good luck, wealth and prosperity to people who worship.

Legend of Buddha Sothon:

Buddha Sothon (Luangpho Sothon) is one of holy Buddha images that accidentally floated along the river before being found such as Luangpho Wat Rai Khing of Nakhon Pathom province, Luangpho Ban Laem of Samut Songkhram province, etc.

People told the Buddha image floated along Bang Pakong River (a main river of Chachoengsao province) and stopped in front of Wat Hong (old name of Wat Sothonwararam Worawihan). Crowd tried to pull the Buddha image out of the river, but they failed. Fortunately, there was a special man who knew magic and mantras. He suggested people to build a small spirit house and chant mantra to invite the Buddha image. In process, they put a holy thread around the arms of the Buddha image. With proper method, people could bring up the Buddha image. Then people placed the Buddha image in Phra Wihan (big chapel) of Wat Hong that was later renamed Wat Sothonwararam Worawihan. People call the Buddha image as Luangpho Sothon after the name of temple.

**Real Experiences of Buddha Sothon Worshipers**
When talking about experiences in protection, prosperity and progression in career, several Thai police were fulfilled after making a wish to Buddha Sothon. One Thai police officer who wore Buddha Sothon medal was shot when charging the criminals, but incredibly the bullet hit Buddha Sothon medal instead, so he was safe!

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