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PREAB5132 : Become Millionaire! Phra Setthi Nawakot (Kao Naa Maha Setthi) Brass Medal (LP Saen, Wat Ban Nong Jik, Sisaket Province)
with Katha: Buddha_SettiNaWaKot
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Stock Status Discontinued   
Size 2.5 x 3.8 cm


**Dear customers: This Pre-Order is closed on Thursday 10 May 2018 or earlier because temple may alter the closing date. Shipment is around August 2018 or as soon as Pre-Order items have arrived.

**This picture is a sample, so the real item may have a different color according to material and design.

100% Authentic from Temple

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Name: Phra Setthi Nawakot (Kao Naa Maha Setthi) Medal

From: LP Saen, Wat Ban Nong Jik, Sisaket Province

Origin: Thailand

Year: 2561 B.E. (2018 C.E.)

Size: 2.5 x 3.8 cm

Material: brass

Amount: created only 899 pieces

**Free 2 Amulets**
1. Phra Setthi Nawakot Prok Makham medal in Nawa Loha (mixture of 9 metals)
2. Look Om (holy ball) in brass, diameter 1.7 cm

Objective: donations for developing and restoring Wat Ban Nong Jik

Ceremony: grand blessing by LP Saen on 5 May 2018 (Sao 5) and second on 7 June 2018

Phra Setthi Nawakot is a name of nine millionaires in the time of Buddha as follows:
1. ThaNanChai Setthi
2. YatSa Setthi
3. SuMaNa Setthi
4. ChaTiKatSa Setthi
5. AnaThaPinThiKa Setthi
6. MenThaKatSa Setthi
7. ChoTiKa Setthi
8. SuMangKhaKatSa Setthi
9. WiSaKha MaHa U-BaSiKa.
These millionaires were good Buddhists who supported Buddhism and loved charity. They got ordained as a monk and enlightened dharma of Buddha. People believe Phra Setthi Nawakot can make the worshiper become a millionaire.

About Guru Monk:
This is Luangpu Saen, a highly revered guru monk who is an abbot of Wat Ban Nong Jik, Sisaket province. LP Saen was born on Thursday 10 September 2450 (1907 C.E.) in Sisaket province. In childhood, he was a temple boy at Wat Ban Phong where his elder brother was an abbot before getting ordained as a novice. During a novice, LP Saen received educational knowledge from LP Moom (Luangpho Moom, Wat PraSatYer Nuea, Sisaket province) who was a famous guru monk in those days. Not only education, LP Saen also studied mantras in Khmer and Pali with LP Moom until he was good at them. At age 21, LP Saen became a monk fully and continued studying with LP Moom and at age 24, resigned to help parents work for a living. As a layman, LP Saen did not leave interest in religion. He persuaded his friends to study more mantras in Cambodia where he met many gurus who sharpened his knowledge. After that, LP Saen got ordained again. After ordination, LP Saen dedicated himself to dharma and meditation. He went on a pilgrimage in the woods and mountains around Sisaket province. LP Saen used to stay at several temples before people invited him to be an abbot at Wat Ban Nong Jik when he was 97. Although LP Saen gets older, he does a monk routine every day as usual and always has a merciful smile to visitors.

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