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Preorder > No.1232: Wat Tanod Luang **Powerful Protection > PREAB3902
PREAB3902 : Powerful safeguard on finger! NaPatTalord Ring, Silver Band – Silver Cameo (Wat Tanod Luang, Phetburi Province)
with Katha: Monk&Amulet_Master
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Stock Status Discontinued   
Size 50/52/55/66/68/70


**Dear customers: This Pre-Order is closed on Thursday 15 February 2018 or earlier because temple may alter the closing date. Shipment is around Friday 30 March 2018 or as soon as Pre-Order items have arrived.

**This picture is a sample. The real item may have a different color according to material and design.

Name: NaPatTalord Ring

Material: silver band and silver cameo

**Please inform the size: 50 (1.5 cm)/ 52 (1.6 cm)/ 55 (1.7 cm)/ 66 (2 cm)/ 68 (2.1 cm)/ 70 (2.2 cm).

Amount: created only 5,000 pieces

Power: NaPatTalord is a name of mantra believed to excellently make person miss from dangers.

From: Wat Tanod Luang, Phetburi Province

Origin: Thailand

Batch: Mongkol Maha Setthi (Great Auspicious Wealth)

Year: 2560 B.E. (2017 C.E.)

Objective: donations for developing and restoring Wat Tanod Luang, Phetburi Province

Ceremony: meditation and incantation by monks who keeps on magical knowledge of LP Thongsuk

Information: Luangpho Thongsuk (a former abbot of Wat Tanod Luang, Phetchaburi Province) was a famous guru monk in the past - once a robber who eventually repented himself to be a good monk. People say only his oral wind on person’s head, that man would be safe from dangers.

When talking to LP Thongsuk of Wat Tanod Luang, people think of powerful mantra especially “invulnerability” that could save many people’s lives in Indochina War. Moreover, his virtues and good behaviors of a monk make people admire him very much, although he used to be a criminal. There are many devotees of LP Thongsuk particularly who have important positions in the country.

At the age of 9, LP Thongsuk studied at Wat Pho, Ban Lad District by being a disciple of the abbot until he was literate, and also studying Cambodian language and Pali. Furthermore, LP Thongsuk was interested in martial art; defense by using fists, knees and elbows called “Muay Thai” and defense by using sword and pole called “Krabi Krabong”.

At the age of 15, LP Thongsuk moved to Ratchaburi Province. He was such a hot-tempered and enjoy-roaming teenager. Also association with ruffian led him to be a robber that he escaped from police and stayed in the woods for 3 days without eating anything. During 3 days, he considered and then accepted his guilt. Thinking like that, he went to temple and got ordained as a monk (age 32, 12 July 1909) to make up for what he had done.

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