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Preorder > No.1164: Wat Chorakhe Phom **Invulnerable to Dangers! > PREAB3364
PREAB3364 : Strong Invulnerability Hanuman Amulet, Phuttha Kong Batch 2017, Mixed Metal (Wat Chorakhe Phom, Phichit Province)
with Katha: HA_Master
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Stock Status Discontinued   
Size 1.5 x 1.7 cm


**Dear customers: This Pre-Order is closed on Friday 3 November 2017 or earlier because temple may alter the closing date. Shipment is around Wednesday 31 January 2018 or as soon as the amulets from temple have arrived.

**This picture is a sample, so the real item may have a different color according to material and design.

100% Authentic from Temple

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Name: Hanuman Amulet

From: Wat Chorakhe Phom, Phichit Province

Origin: Thailand

Batch: Phuttha Kong (Great Protection)

Year: 2560 B.E. (2017 C.E.)

Size: 1.5 x 1.7 cm

Material: mixed metal named ‘Chanuan Maha Yant’

Amount: created only 499 pieces with authentication code and number

Objective: Wat Chorakhe Phom presents this batch to require donations to build the sermon hall.

Ceremony: holy blessing from 2 expert monks of protection: LP Whan (Wat Klong Koon, Phichit Province) and LP Supot (Wat Sri Song Tham, Nakhon Sawan Province) on 3 December 2017

Description: Amulet collectors who love protection must see this batch from Wat Chorakhe Phom. It is about ‘Hanuman’ the immortal monkey god. The ceremony is special because 2 expert monks of protection: LP Whan and LP Supot will kindly join in blessing. This Hanuman collection will be another batch that you won’t be disappointed!

Hanuman (monkey god) is a name of a character in Indian epic “Ramayana”, described very powerful and has great loyalty to Rama (his leader). Hanuman never dies because he is a son of Wind God; whenever the wind blows he can be alive again.

Thai people believe Hanuman can make them invulnerable to dangers. Moreover, Hanuman can make worshipers successful in career and work like Hanuman won many battles. Additionally, with charismatic appearance of Hanuman, Hanuman amulet is good for charm and people kindness.

About LP Whan:
Luangpho Whan is a respectable senior guru monk. He is famous in Phichit province and other lower northern provinces of Thailand. He is an abbot of Wat Klong Koon in Phichit province. He is a good monk whom people admire and respect. His father was a Thai traditional doctor using magic to cure people and drive out bad spirits. LP Whan saw his father cure people every day. That made him merciful. He also learnt magic from his father. Moreover, he went to learn more magic from many skilled guru monks such as LP Jan, LP Rord, etc. Today, LP Whan becomes a top guru monk who is often invited to join the official blessing ceremony. His amulets are powerful and have real effects on the worshippers.

Real Experience:
1. A man showed LP Whan medal that he wore on his son neck and it could save his son from drowning. (revealed 9 April 2012)
2. Kru Kai, a teacher told that once he went to LP Whan to check his fortune. LP Whan said he would see misfortune. So Kru Kai asked LP Whan to make holy water for him. After bathing the holy water, he left for Laos for work. During travel, there was a problem and Kru Kai had to go in another bus. Then he heard that the first bus had an accident. Kru Kai said if he had sat in that bus, he would have died. Kru Kai believed holy water from LP Whan warded off that misfortune. (revealed 9 April 2012)
3. A man who owns the tire repair shop in Phichit province told his experience. On 8 November 2012, his car that had him and 2 employees was hit by a pickup truck. His car was seriously damaged, but wonderfully they all were safe! Teller said he wore LP Whan medal. (revealed 2 December 2012)
4. This was a miracle of a family that has faith in LP Whan. One day, they (father, mother and daughter) had an accident while going home by motorcycle. They all were safe, but a litigant died next day. They believed amulets from LP Whan (Takrut and LP Whan medals) saved them. (revealed 26 December 2012)

About LP Supot:
Luangpho Supot, abbot of Wat Sri Song Tham, Nakhon Sawan province is a famous guru monk. He was born on 25 January 1945 C.E. in Samutprakan Province. He got ordained on 20 February 1965 C.E. at Wat ProdKetChetThaRam in Samut Prakan province. LP Supot studied mantras and meditation from many experienced guru monks.

Real Experience:
LP Supot loves to help people. Amulets he makes are to help people like he ever said “I want my disciples to have better life. “ If you see LP Supot for the first time, you may think he strict because he is direct and speaks loudly, but in reality he is very kind. When people ask LP Supot to bless or write Yant, he always does it for people. One told that he came to LP Supot and LP Supot kindly inscribed Takrut for him.
LP Supot is confident in his amulets because he sets his heart on blessing. He says he wants disciples to get really powerful amulets. He dares if people want to prove his amulets. Moreover, LP Supot is said to be one of guru monks who inscribe Takrut best in Thailand.
Most experiences of worshipers are about protection. One who has Takrut by LP Supot was ever shot many times, but he did not die only his bone broke because bullets did not get into his skin. That event happened in 2009.

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