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PREAB325 : Holy Set of Kruba Srivichai Medal (4 pcs), Somprathana Batch 2016 (Doi Kha Mor Monastery, Lamphun province)
with Katha: Buddha_KBSrivichai
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Size 2.5 x 3.5 cm


100% Authentic from Temple

Don’t miss! Worshiping Collection of Kruba Srivichai, Commemorating a Pure Monk of Lanna.

Name: Set of Kruba Srivichai Medal (4 pieces)

Batch: Somprathana (Being Fulfilled)

Year: 2559 B.E. (2016 C.E.)

Consists of total 4 pieces as follows:
1. Kruba Srivichai Medal, alpaca with Satta (7 metals) filling
2. Kruba Srivichai Medal, alpaca with brass filling
3. Kruba Srivichai Medal, Satta (7 metals) with alpaca filling
4. Kruba Srivichai Medal, brass with alpaca filling

- built only 399 sets
- Every item with code and number from temple.
- Taken out of the block by a famous artisan.

Size: 2.5 x 3.5 cm

From: Doi Kha Mor Monastery, Lamphun province

Origin: Thailand

Objective: to earn donations for restoring old weathered building in Doi Kha Mor Monastery

Description: This set from Doi Kha Mor Monastery, Lamphun province is built to commemorate Kruba Srivichai, a highly esteemed monk of Northern Thailand. This set will bring owner peacefulness, good luck and good things, moreover fulfillment to a prayer who wishes to succeed in something good and conducted with endeavor.

Kruba Srivichai, a Pure Monk of Lanna:

Kruba Srivichai is a venerable Buddhist monk in Thai history, highly respected in Lanna (Northern Thailand) who led people to build the road to Wat Phra That Doi Suthep, the temple where Buddha relics are situated on Doi Suthep (mountain), Chiang Mai province.
Kruba Srivichai was born on 21 June 2411 B.E. (1868 C.E.) in Lamphun province. He became a Buddhist novice at the age of 17 studying Dharma. At the age of 20, he got ordained as a monk.
In the past, it was very difficult for people to reach Doi Suthep. The path was narrow and bumpy. On foot, the journey took about five hours to reach the top of Doi Suthep. In 2477 B.E. (1934 C.E.), Kruba Srivichai came to Chiang Mai to initiate the road construction project. Jow Kaew Nawarat, the ruler of Chiang Mai at that time performed the groundbreaking ceremony. When the news of road construction of Kruba Srivichai spread around, thousands of people from Northern provinces came to join.
Kruba Srivichai passed away on 20 February 2481 B.E. (1938 C.E.) at the age of 60. His bones were placed in the stupa at Wat Jammathewi, Lamphun province.

**List of Guru Monks Who Performed Blessing in Group and Singly:
1. KB Or, Wat Phra That Doi Jomvae, Chiang Mai province
2. KB Tan, Wat Ya Phaai, Chiang Mai province
3. KB Aoon, Wat Rong Wua, Chiang Mai province
4. KB Insom, Wat Sri Don Moon, Chiang Rai province
5. KB Sanong, Wat Phra That Doi Khao Kwai Kaew, Chiang Rai province
6. KB Boonyang, Wat Huay Nam Aoon, Lamphun province
7. KB Duangjan, Wat Sri Chum, Lamphun province
8. KB Intra, Wat San Pa Yang Luang, Lamphun province
9. KB Kritsada, Wat San Phrajow Daeng (PaYang), Lamphun province
10. Phra Thep RattanaNayok, abbot of Wat Phra That Hariphunchai and ecclesiastical chief of Lamphun province
11. LP Sanoh, Wat Pong Tha Kham, Phrae province
12. KB Jan, Wat Nam Paeng, Phayao province
13. Phra Kru ArthonNanthakit, Wat Nong Daeng, Nan province
14. LP Whan, Wat Klong Koon, Phichit province
15. LP Boonsong, Wat Rajsattharam, Phisanulok province
16. LP Khaek, Wat Soontornpradit, Phitsanulok province
17. LP Phom, Wat Sai Kham, Nakhon Si Thammarat province
18. KB Sriman, Wat Bor Tow, Chiang Mai province
19. LP Plian, Wat Aranyawiwek, Chiang Mai province
20. LP Sang, Wat Pa Arjarn Tue, Chiang Mai province
21. Phra Arjarn Klang Saeng, Somdet Jow Koh Yaw Dharma Retreat, Songkhla province
22. Phra Thep Yannamolee, abbot of Wat Sai Khow and ecclesiastical chief of Songkhla province
23. LP Chub, Wat Wang Krajae, Kanchanaburi province
24. Phra Arjarn Uthai, Wat Wihan Sung, Phatthalung province
25. LP Klaai, Wat Janthawas, Suratthani province

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