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POFTB326 : SERM DUANG WITH TAKRUT 26: Improve One's Life Individualized Elemental Magic Scroll with Relic Stone Bracelet *use Name+DOB (AJ Lee, Prachinburi Province )
with Katha: TK_AJLee
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Size elastic to owner’s wrist/ Takrut 1.5 cm x 5 cm (include casing)/ bead 10 mm.
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Your Personalized Talisman in the World!!
Properly Blessed by Proficient Occult Master

Name: Improve One's Life Individualized Elemental Magic Scroll with Relic Stone Bracelet

- AJ Lee will write your name and date of birth in Takrut and bless for individual.

- Please inform your real name and date of birth at special command when do transaction or email to

- AJ needs about 3 days for making (this duration includes making and blessing).

From: AJ Lee, Prachinburi Province

Origin: Thailand

Size: elastic to owner’s wrist/ Takrut 1.5 cm x 5 cm (include casing)/ bead 10 mm.

Material: blessing paper rolled into Takrut encased with micron casing strung with Relic Stone (Hin Phra That) beads from Khao Sam Roi Yod.

People believe Hin Phra That can attract good things to owner and help to keep away misfortune and bad things.

This world was born with all 5 elements that control everything. There is a special Takrut (magic scroll) made up of 5 colors blessing paper written with your name and date of birth by AJ Lee. Designed as a bracelet for easily wearing in daily life.

5 colors represent 5 elements of the world
Green = wood
Red = fire
Yellow = earth
White = metal
Black = water

Benefits: Wearing helps to
- Adjust our horoscope from bad luck to good luck
- Drive out bad energies and black magic from yourself.
- Attract people’s friendliness and kindness
- Win rivals and enemies
- Do business well and Get prosperous in a job

Hin Phra That (relic stone):

Kao Sam Roi Yod is name of the mountain where is national park in Prachuabkirikhan Province, Thailand. There is a holy quiet place surrounded by nature. There are many caves in it such as Khao Phra (monk’s mountain) Cave, Mangkorn (dragon) Cave, Khow (white) Cave, Manow (lime) Cave, Khumsarp (treasure trove) Cave, Sam See (3 colors) Cave, Mae Ya (grandma) Cave and Lersi (hermit) Cave.

Thai people believe that many hundreds of years ago, many Buddha disciples came to Kao Sam Roi Yod to do meditation. They stayed in the caves and did meditation until their minds were perfectly still and enlightened. These Buddha disciples left their bodies there when they died.

Year after year, their bodies decayed and turned to part of rock in the caves. This rock is relic. The longer year goes by, the more precious these relics are. After that, people found the relics and assumed they were relics of Buddha’s disciples. They named these relics “Hin Phra That” and people began to worship.

Hin Phra That is regarded very holy by itself because it comes from hundreds of years and absorbs natural powers. Some worshipers found relics grew bigger by themselves.

About Arjarn Lee:

Here is an occult master named “Arjarn Lee” from Prachinburi Province. He used to be a monk. First ordained as “nen” (Buddhist novice) at Wat Pa Mafai and studied magic and meditation with LP Seng Sukhito and more guru monks. In monkhood, AJ Lee had set off Tudong (pilgrimage) in the woods for 1 year and then resigned to live as a layman. That does not stop him from curiosity in magic, AJ Lee continued studying magic from many occult masters in Southern magic, E-San/Northeast magic and both Thai and Chinese masters for 10 years. At a proper age of monk ordination (20 years old), AJ Lee got ordained at Wat Pa Mafai and later has returned to an occult master until present.

AJ Lee is solitary. He does not to show himself to public media. For magic, AJ Lee can invite the divine into the rituals that enhance and improve destiny from bad to good for everybody.

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