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POFTB257 : SERM DUANG 4: Magic Candle Lighting for Happy Love (For Homosexual) (Lersi MaCia, Roi Et Province )
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Activity: Magic Candle Lighting for Happy Love (For Homosexual)

From: Lersi MaCia, Roi Et Province

Origin: Thailand

Duration: today – 13 February 2018

Description: "Serm Duang" provides customers the activities for good destiny in any aspect such as finance, career, business, love, health and so on - suiting ones who are unlucky, unsure of horoscope, or who would like to keep on good fortune.

Candle Lighting, the Old Northern Thai Belief in Various Aspects of Life:
It is traditional and magical science of the Lanna (Northern Thai) people that teachers have learned and inherited from the past. It is a way to help desperate people, improve bad destiny, reduce seriousness of fate for ones born at the time of Rahoo (Buddhist astrological deity), recuperate falling life to better life, sick people to get well, even more restore a good relationship of broken spouses and fulfill love desire of the singles. Worship Candle or "Tien Puja" is usually lit when changing of a year, believed to bring good luck, good things and longevity to one's life.

“Love” is the important thing that can powerfully push our life forwards in every way and also part of our happiness. That’s why people around the world try to have happy love.

Nearly Valentine’s Day, we have a good activity “Magic Candle Lighting for Happy Love”— the interesting way to improve and enhance love destiny.


**This candle with man and woman cuddling each other is called “Tien In Ku”. Occultist makes it to help ones who lack of love, fail in love or who are unhappy with love; spouse ignorance or interference of third person.**

Love candle in yellow is created for the homosexual.

For SINGLE ONE: Inform own name and date of birth. Or someone’s and own.

For SPOUSE: Inform own and spouse’s name and date of birth.

The candle will be lit and consecrated on Valentine’s Day (14 Feb.2018) by Lersi MaCia a professional occult master who is getting popular among Asian devotees at this time.

About Guru Master:
Lersi MaCia from Roi Et who collected ancient Khmer magic for many years and has embedded himself as a hermit in the cemeteries around Thailand, now his amulets are very popular in China, Malaysia and Singapore with superb powers especially charm and windfalls.

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