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POFTB251 : SERM DUANG 3: Candle Lighting for Lucky Life (9 candles-increasing power!!) (LP Noon, Wat Noen Hom, Prachinburi province)
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**Good News for Those Who Missed Activity**

Due to a good feedback from believers, we will extend this activity until 28 May 2018.

LP Noon will perform ceremony on 'Visakha Puja Day' 29 May 2018 that is the important holy Buddhist day.

Activity: Candle Lighting for Lucky New Year (9 candles-increasing power!!)

From: LP Noon, Wat Noen Hom, Prachinburi province

Origin: Thailand

Duration: today – 28 May 2018

“Serm Duang” provides customers the activities for good luck suiting ones who are unlucky, unsure of destiny, or whoever would like to increase more luckiness.

Candle Lighting- the Old Northern Thai Belief
for Luckiness & More…

It is traditional and magical science of the Lanna (Northern Thai) people that teachers have learned and inherited from the past. It is a way to help desperate people, improve bad destiny, reduce seriousness of fate for ones born at the time of Rahoo (Buddhist astrological deity), recuperate falling life to better life, sick people to get well, even more restore a good relationship of broken spouses and fulfill love desire of the singles.

Worship Candle or “Tien Puja” is usually lit when changing of a year, believed to bring good luck, good things and longevity to one’s life.

**Here, we would like you to join “Lucky Candle Lighting” by LP Noon of Wat Noen Hom, Prachinburi Province.**

- The candle was named “Setthi Nawakot” after nine millionaires in Buddha’s period.
- Every candle was magically created by LP Noon, an experienced guru monk.
- Magic book says whoever worships Setthi Nawakot will be surrounded by treasure.

LP Noon has made candles with holy mantra of Setthi Nawakot so that believers can clear all debts, do business successfully, gain lots of windfalls and become a millionaire soon.

Exclusive for customer!! Only ordering the item and informing your name-surname and date of birth, we will write it on candle and have LP Noon light in ceremony.

**This code is special because customer will have 9 candles to be lit and blessed by LP Noon that can increase power very much.**

About Guru Monk:

Luangpu Noon (age 81, 2016 C.E.) is a guru monk in Prachinburi province. His story is interesting because he keeps on superb mantras of 2 gurus. First is Luangpu Ken, Wat Tam Kow E-to, Prachinburi province who was famous for Sai Ngoen-Sai Thong (name of amulet to attract money in form of a bamboo fish trap usually made 2 colors gold and silver together) and Nok Ga Long (bird amulet of wealth). Second is Luangpho Phum, a present abbot of Wat Noen Hom, Prachinburi province who is a disciple of Luangpu Ken, Wat Tam Kow E-to.

Luangpu Noon was born on May 2, 1935 C.E. in Prachinburi province. At present, Luangpu Noon is an assistant of abbot of Wat Noen Hom in his hometown. He studied mantra from Luangpho Phum, the abbot. In fact, Luangpho Phum got mantra knowledge from Luangpu Ken, Wat Tam Kow E-to, the same province.

Moreover, Luangpu Noon ever met Luangpu Ken, Wat Tam Kow E-to many times before Luangpu Ken passed away because he was invited by Luangpu Ken to give a sermon called Thet Maha Chat at Wat Tam Kow E-to. In reality, Luangpu Noon can speak Thet Maha Chat (sermon telling story of Buddha before he was enlightened) very well specially in Laotian. After a sermon, he had a chance to talk to Luangpu Ken and Luangpu Ken taught him mantra.

Knowledge heritage Luangpu Ken left to Luangpu Noon is making Sai Ngoen-Sai Thong and Nok Ga Long that attract money to owner very well. Luangpu Noon can make them as well as his teacher. Many people got surprisingly wonderful experiences such as winning the lottery, having profitable business, etc.

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List of Donors:
1) Kevin Christopher Flot 07/06/1980 [1]
2) Mr.Thomas Neo [1]
3) - NEO Kee Choon Thomas 28 May 1962
- ONG Swee Lian 03 February 1966
- NEO Wen Ping Amanda 07 November 1993
- NEO Kai Ting Valerie 04 April 1997
- NEO Boon Hao Nicholas 25 October 1999
- NEO Kai Ling Natasia 13 March 2002
- NEO Thye Tong16 July 1931
- KOH Ah Moy 01 May 1933
- NEO Kee Pheng Jennifer 07 January 1958
4) M024245 (1)
5) JENWEI LIU 10/14/1976 [1]
6) M024277 [1]
7) Hoe Chin Kee, 2 March 1974 [1]
8) Mr.David Suwanto, 19 September 1978 [1]
9) M024445 [1]
10) Samantha Carroll, June 29, 1972 [1]
11)Reynolds Jeffries Avlon (August 13th, 1977) [1]
12)Mr. Kevin Christopher Flot (06 July 1980)[1]

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