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PHOLD29R : C.E.1953-1956 Phra PidTa Phong Prai Samut- Spiritual Protection & Wealth (LP Jerm, Wat Hoi Rak, Nakhon Srithammarat province)
with Katha: Buddha_LPJerm
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Size width 2.4 x height 4.5 cm
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Great occasion to own powerful amulet of Siam!

100% Authentic from temple

Don’t miss!

Name: Phra PidTa Phong Prai Samut

From: LP Jerm, Wat Hoi Rak, Nakhon Srithammarat province

Origin: Thailand

Year: B.E.2496 - 2499 (C.E.1953 - 1956)

Size: width 2.4 x height 4.5 cm

Material: LP Jerm created Phra Phong Prai Samut from many holy mass that LP Jerm took 7 years for finding the mass such as
1. “Din Prai Samut” (soils from under the sea)
2. Powder from corpses dying on Saturday and cremated on Tuesday from 7 cemeteries.
3. Other 700 kinds of holy mass.

Purpose of Making: LP Jerm would like to donate the money from amulets to develop and restore the buildings in temple.

Ceremony: LP Jerm strongly blessed this powerful Buddha amulet for 5 years by himself. Moreover, LP Jerm strongly blessed Phra PidTa Phong Prai Samut with special kathat that is “Katha Phra Maha Muen” for 10,000 times by himself in Buddhist church of Wat Sri Somboon. In addition, LP Jerm strongly blessed Phra PidTa Phong Prai Samut again with top monks in south of Thailand such as “LP Klai of Wat Suankhan”, “LP Paek of Wat Hulon”, “LP Khaiew of Wat Rongbon”, “LP Khong of Wat Bansuan”, “LP Mui of Wat Parakamnuek”, “LP Jun of Wat Thungfur”, “LP Sang of Wat Dontron”, “LP Kling of Wat Thalung Thong” and “LP Jub of Wat Bang Jak”.

Power: Phra PidTa Phong Prai Samut by LP Jerm is very well known in Thailand because this powerful Buddha amulet can protect worshiper from harm, weapon, black magic and accident. By the way, Phra PidTa Phong Prai Samut can bring wealth, good luck and good business to worshiper.

**You should offer the offering such as meal with 1 glass of fresh water to Phra PidTa Phong Prai Samut amulet every Buddhist holy day or 1 time per month. Moreover, before sleeping please worship Phra PidTa Phong Prai Samut amulet and request the Buddha amulet to protect you from bad thing.

**There were many supernatural experiences of who worships Phra PidTa Phong Prai Samut such as in B.E.2506 at the south of Thailand happened hurricane that made many people died but whoever wore Phra PidTa Phong Prai Samut amulet were safe.

**Notice: There are some notices about this Phra PidTa from LP Jerm
1) Over mass between Phra PidTa’s right knee and base.
2) Over mass at the head of Yant.
3) Backside has ‘Yant Ou’ like most Phra PidTa. The Yant characters are both shallow and deep in the mass.

Biography of LP Jerm:
LP Jerm was born in 21 June C.E.1908 at Nakhon Srithammarat province. LP Jerm was ordained at Wat Khongkha Sawat in Nakhon Srithammarat. After ordination, LP Jerm went to study the magic and meditation with LP Thewa Arkom and LP Noom at Wat Khongkha until expert in meditation and magic. LP Jerm passed away on C.E.1984 while he was 76 years old.

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