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"the silver casing arrived. I think this was very fast! It ist very beautiful! Thank you! Buddha bless you "
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PHOLD09R : C.E 1954 LP Thuad in Miracle Legend- Multi Holy Powders Amulet, Great Timeless Protection! Grandly Blessed! (AJ Chum Chaikeeree, NakhonSrithammarat Province)
with Katha: AJChum_Master
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Size 1.9 x 3.1 cm


Amulet collectors must see!

100% Authentic from Temple

Name: 2497 B.E. LP Thuad Amulet

From: AJ Chum Chaikeeree, NakhonSrithammarat Province

Origin: Thailand

Year: 2497 B.E. (1954 C.E.)

Size: 1.9 x 3.1 cm

Luangpu Thuad (1582-1682 C.E.) is a revered Buddhist monk in Thailand. He is said to have performed miracles. LP Thuad is mentioned in the early regional history of Southern Thailand, but his life is mainly preserved in oral. His journey throughout the Southern peninsula constitutes a path of pilgrimage for many of his followers.

Power: Whenever LP Thuad amulets are made, there is always attention from believers. Many people in Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia believe that amulets created in LP Thuad image hold great protective power granting safety especially saving lives of believers from dangers and fatal accidents. With a lot of miracles, LP Thuad amulet becomes the ideal for protection that every worshiper tries to possess.

Material: this amulet created from superb Phra Kroo (ancient Buddha amulets) from many temples in Thailand gathered more than 108 places and herbs more than 108 kinds including holy powders such as Phra Kroo Nang Tra – Tha Ruer, Kroo Thao Kot, Somdej Wat Rakhang, Somdej Bang Khun Phrom, Phra Phong Suphan, Phong Dam Phong Daeng Hoon Phayon, holy powder LP Ket Wat Khwid, Khun Paen Wat Phra Roop, Khun Paen Ban Krang, etc. and other Phra Kroo in Sukhothai, Lopburi, Kanchanaburi and Phitsanulok.

Purpose of Making: this amulet made to earn budget to build the wall for Wat Phra Borommathat.

Ceremony: There are 2 important steps for making this amulet: molding and consecration.
1) The molding took place on 2 August 1954 done by monks and novices together with the disciples of AJ Chum who revised precepts, wore a white dress and keep virginity during ceremony.
2) The consecration was performed by 108 revered monks from 14 September – 12 October 1954.
at Wat Phra Borommathat, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province. Example of guru monks:
- LP Klai, Wat Suan Khan
- LP Ophasi, Arsom Bang Mod
- LP Khieaw, Wat Rong Bon
- LP Mueang, Wat Tha Phaya
- LP Kong, Wat Klong Noi
- LP Mui, Wat Pa Rakam
- LP Daeng, Wat Tho, Tha Sala District
- LP Kling, Wat Thalungthong
- LP Daeng, Wat Khao Lak
- LP Tood, Wat Thung Gong
- LP Wan Manaso, Wat Prasitchai
- LP Saeng, Wat Klong Nam Jet
- LP Pal, Wat KowOor
- LP Kong, Wat Ban Suan
- LP Dit, Wat Pak Sra
- LP Jek, Wat Khao Tawan Tok
- LP Moon, Wat Khao Daeng Tawan Ork
- LP Phua, Wat Khao Rahoo
- LP Daeng, Wat Klong Sai
- LP Wirat, Wat Kapao
- LP Thong, Wat Don Saton
- LP Song, Wat Sala Loy
- LP Jeed, Wat Tham Khao Plu
- LP Rung, Wat Bang Waen
- LP Thuam, Wat Khao Bot
- LP Piam, Wat Koh Lak
- LP Thongsuk, Wat Tanod Luang
- LP Daeng, Wat Khao Bandai Ith
- LP Ngern, Wat Don Yai Hom
- LP Tae, Wat Sam Ngam
- LP Jan, Wat Thung Ferh

The ceremony was started by LP Nam Chinnawaro of Wat Don Sala, LP Pal of Wat KowOor and LP Kong of Wat Ban Suan. Moreover, AJ Chum Chaikeeree and Kun Pan joined in blessing before that and the final, too.

At the end of the ceremony, while monks were blessing, there were colorful light ball falling from the sky and disappeared behind the Uposatha hall.

**Notice: Some old amulets usually have defects (e.g. grooves, chips, stains, etc.) due to mass, method of making, time and usage regarded as the charm of individual amulet.

About AJ Chum Chaikeeree:

Here is information about the superb guru master named AJ Chum Chaikeeree. AJ Chum was an alumni at Samnak KowOor where is the oldest magic center in Thailand, now well-known as temple Wat KowOor in Phatthalung province.

AJ Chum was interested in magic when he was very young. Only age 5, he could stop a poisonous snake and a fierce dog to open its mouth with a few mantras. His father was a good source in learning magic for him. He learnt magic from his father. At age 7, he made a gun blow up when he put his hand on a muzzle and only spelt eleven magical words.

When he was 20, he got ordained as a Buddhist monk. For 15 years in monkhood, then he resigned when he was 35. He got married but still associated with magic. When he heard about magic gurus, he went to them to learn magic. With his talent, he could apply magic to help people. AJ Chum progressed in magic very much.

AJ Chum once made people see his sacredness that he told his disciple to sit down and had someone fire a gun. Wonderfully, the bullet did not come out!

For charm magic, he consecrated sesame oil and dabbed the oil on baby mice and a mother cat. Then he let them in the same cage. Astonishingly, baby mice sucked a mother cat breasts and a mother cat was willing to give milk to baby mice unlike its instinct.

Surname Chaikeeree comes from Khun Chaikeeree who was an important warrior of Phatthalung province in the past. Khun Chaikeeree who knew magic and mantras was a great grandfather of AJ Chum.

AJ Chum was very famous in those days. His amulets gave people miraculous experiences. AJ Chum passed away in 2525 B.E. (1982 C.E.). Nowadays, magic of AJ Chum is regarded timeless.

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