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PHCPZ765 : Mini price Ascendancy & Wealth the Paragon Garuda of Siam Amulet (Phaya Suban Phet Siam) (LP Wirut, Wat Sanmamao, Chiang Rai Province)
with Katha: GR_Master
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Size 3 x 3.5 cm
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100% Authentic from Temple

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Name: Paragon Garuda of Siam Amulet (Phaya Suban Phet Siam)

From: LP Wirut, Wat Sanmamao, Chiang Rai Province

Origin: Thailand

Year: 2560 B.E. (2017 C.E.)

Material: copper

Size: 3 x 3.5 cm

Ceremony: LP Wirut, abbot of Wat Sanmamao properly blessed this Garuda amulet in holy ritual on the auspicious occasion.

Belief about Garuda (Krut):
Garuda or avian god plays role in both Hinduism and Buddhism. In Hindu belief, Garuda is a vehicle of Lord Narayana, praised as the king of all birds that has eternal power, the best wits and gratitude. Hindu people have strong faith in Garuda, when they are in distress they will say “Garuda” 3 times to bring power of Garuda into themselves so that they can get through difficult situations. In Buddhism, Garuda is known as “Krut” or “Phaya Krut”, a bird-like creature living in Himavanta forest. In Thailand, Krut is a symbol of the king who wards off hardship of citizens. Also, Krut appears as Thailand’s emblem. Whoever worships Krut will be safe from dangers, spirits and bad things and it will increase person’s ascendancy and prosperity in life.
Objective: donation for developing and restoring the temple

Phra Arjarn Wirut of Wat Sanmamao, No. 1 Master for Sak Yant in Chiang Rai:

This is LP Wirut (Pali name: Yannasangwaro) or people call “Phra Arjarn Wirut”, abbot of Wat Sanmamao in Chiang Rai province. LP Wirut is young Northern guru monk who has been famous for “Sak Yant” a sacred tattooing, widely accepted number one tattooing master in Chiang Rai due to his fine tattoos and strong magical power.

LP Wirut was born in 1977 in Chiang Rai province. His family was poor. After shool, LP Wirut went to temple and studied dharma and chanting with LP Boon a pilgrim monk from Northeast who stayed during Buddhist Lent. LP Boon recommended LP Wirut about chanting and also taught him useful spells such as spell for driving out spirits and spell for people kindness.

At age 13, LP Wirut went to priesthood at Wat Klang Wiang, Chiang Rai province. After ordination, stayed at Wat Ratcharoen, Chiang Rai and studied with LP Kampan an admirable monk. Not over a month, LP Wirut could write and read Northern alphabets, and also passed Nak Dham Tree (basic dharma examination) in the same year.

Meanwhile a novice, LP Wirut asked Pho Nanpan, an occult master for learning magic. Pho Nanpan taught LP Wirut intersting mantras such as curing illness spells, stopping bleeding spell, danger protection spell and others.

In 1992, LP Wirut moved to Wat Sanmamao and continued studying magic and mantras such as reading magic scriptures, writing Yant, making Takrut and magic spells.

Until age 21, LP Wirut got ordained as a monk. In 2001, began a pilgrimage in order to acchieve perfect meditation walking to Arsom Dharma Jarik (hermitage) in Mae Hong Son province. In the same year, LP Wirut felt interested in Sak Yant (sacred tattooing) asking a senior Burmese master for studying with. That Burmese master taught how to do Sak Yant and gave a tattooing needle to LP Wirut.

Because meditation is an important fundamental factor for Sak Yant, LP Wirut seriously practiced meditation starting from short to longer time. The longest time was 4 hours without moving. At first, he felt too much aches and pains, but after endeavor the ashes and pains were all gone.

In May 2002, LP Wirut came back to Wat Sanmamao. He made Takrut and gave out people. After that many people have been inquiring about Takrut by LP Wirut because of real owners’ experiences.

In 2003, LP Wirut brushed up his knowledge of Sak Yant and began doing for people who are interested. At first he did once a year on Songkran (Thailand water festival), but after 2014 people from all parts of Thailand has flowed to get Sak Yant from LP Wirut without any advertisings by temple that built great attention among sacred tattoo lovers.

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