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PHCPZ732 : Mini price Fluent Business! Set of Pla Tapien Amulet (2 pcs) (LP Watchara, Wat Tham Fad, Kanchanaburi province)
with Katha: Money_Master
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100% Authentic from Temple

Don’t miss out!

Name: Set of Pla Tapien Amulet (2 pieces)

Batch: Ruay Chok Larp (Rich in Fortune)

Year: 2559 B.E. (2016 C.E.)

Material: metal

Size: 3 x 2.7 cm

From: LP Watchara, Wat Tham Fad, Kanchanaburi province

Origin: Thailand

Ceremony: These amulets were blessed by LP Watchara at his temple.

Power: Pla Tapien is a Thai fish which represents plenty in Thai belief. In the past, Thai people made Pla Tapien figure by weaving the coconut leaves and hung it above baby cradle so that their babies enjoy and grow well. Moreover, having Pla Tapien amulet is believed to help business and good luck in finance.

Objective: to earn donations for developing and restoring the temple.

About Temple:

Wat Tham Fad is a well-known temple in Thailand. It is in Kanchanaburi Province. Wat Tham Fad is the cave on the mountain. Wat means “temple” and Tham Fad means “twin caves”. Two caves link together. There is the Buddha image and there are holy objects in them. One interesting thing, here is the home of Lek Lai (holy ore).

The temple was established by Luang Pho Samrit who is a superb guru monk in Thai history. He was the originator who took Lek Lai to make amulets and embed into disciples’ arms. Lek Lai is black ore believed to produce protective power. In the past, people wanting to be invulnerable go hunting Lek Lai. LP Samrit passed away on February 4, 1996 C.E. at age 73. After death, his body does not decay.

About Guru Monk:

LP Watchara Akawonno is a current abbot of Wat Tham Fad after LP Samrit. LP Watchara directly learned dharma and sacred mantra from LP Samrit. It can be said that LP Watchara is the one who keeps on superb magic from LP Samrit. People also respect LP Watchara as much as LP Samrit because LP Watchara behaves in a good way and does his best to develop the temple. In fact, LP Wachara is famous for his knowledge in Visha (supernatural arts). His magical ability is accepted that many people visit him every day for help such as exorcism. Amulets by LP Watchara is believed to have strong power because LP Watchara intensively consecrated by himself.

Two things LP Samrit handed down to LP Watchara are Lek Lai magic and the holy ceremony named “Krob Mongkrut Phra Jow”. Krob Mongkrut Phra Jow is the ceremony that a monk pours hot candle wax down onto the holy water as a circle. Then a monk picks up solid candle line and put it on a person’s head. This ceremony is popular because people believe it can remove bad luck and support person’s fortune.

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