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PGOPZ757 : 50% Off Deity The Best... Narai Son - God of protection and prosperity g Kho amulet (LP Aut, Wat Nah Phra Men, Ayutthaya province)
with Katha: PROTECT_Master
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The Best... Narai Song Kho amulet (Narai Rided an Ox)

100% Authentic from Temple

Name: Thep Hang Garn PiTuk, Kwarm Jarern. God of protection, prosperity and wealth

From: LP Aut, Wat Nah Phra Men, Ayutthaya province

Material: Metal

Year: B.E. 2551 (C.E. 2008)

Size: 2 cm. x 3.5 cm.

Color: Gold

Origin: Thailand

Purpose for Making: This amulet made for require donation to develop the temple.

Ceremony: The excellent of the miracle object “Narai Song Kho” is the Great of Theppabut (Lord). The Holy Ceremony began at Wat Nah Phra Men by LP Aut of this temple at 10.09 o’clock on 10 August B.E. 2551 with many Gejis such as LP Sawas, Wat Sala Poon Chao Khun, Phra Vinai Vethee, Wat Senasanaram, Phra Kru Samut Thiwakorn Khun, Wat Pak Nam.

Powerful: If you want to be expert in duty, please hang Narai Song Kho, Wat Nah Phra Men. Phra Narai will be protecting the earth in peace. With the birth of two Theps which are Phra Siva (Phra Isuan) the Great of three earths, Phra Phrom, who build the earth, The Great of wisdom, intelligence and prosperity. The birth of Phra Narai which well known are:
1. Matsayawatan is a fish to compete Hai Ya Kreep Asoon (devil)
2. Ramawatan is a tortoise for mixing Nam Ammarit
3. Warahawatan is a pig who compete Hiran Giant
4. Norasinghawatan is a half of man and lion to compete Hirantasoon
5. Wamunawatan is a dwarf to compete Tao Ta Wan Ta Soon (Tao Plee)
6. Porasuramawatan is a Bhraman and axe to compete King Aurachoon
7. Ramawatan is Phra Ram to fight with Tosakun
8. Kritsanawatan is Phra Kritsana to fight Thao Phana Soon
9. Kankiyawatan is the Great Hero who will come in the future for peace

History of Wat Nha Phra Men:
Wat Nha Phra Men has a formerly name that “Wat MayRuRaChiKaRam”. In the past, this temple was built for cremate of first part of Ayudhaya’s king. Moreover, in the legend record that Phra Aong Inn had built this temple in C.E.1503 (B.E.2046). Besides, this temple is only one in Ayudhaya period, which did not destroy by Mianmar. Also, this temple still is original architecture. It is the perfect temple in Ayudhaya province. Next, there was reconstruction in 3rd reign of Rattanakosin period and invite Green Buddha Image Stone in Tawarawadee reign from Wat MaHaThat at SanPetch Viharn(Viharn Noi). Moreover, this Buddha image is one of five images of which in Thailand. This Buddha image has valuable for temple.

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