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PGOPZ460b : Fortunate Number 8 - Head of Ganesha and JaTuKam (Wat HuaChang, Thai amulet)
with Katha: JK_Master_Statue, GA_Master
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Size 3.8 cm diameter
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Holy Ganesha and JaTuKam – Add Prosperity And Wealth For

100% Authentic from temple

Name : Head of Ganesha and JaTuKam

Batch : “Roon Rueng It Ti Rit” (Prosperity and Supernatural Power)

From : Wat Hua Chang, Lopburi province

Color : Black brush with gold

Year : C.E. 2007 (B.E. 2550)

Materials : Holy Powder

Size : 3.8 cm Diameter

Origin : Thailand

Purpose for making :
This amulet made for join Donation building Pali Education Foundation.

Holy Ceremony:
- 12 April 2007 and 10 May 2007 all night by 108 guru monks. Also, this amulet blessed by 108 chanting of I Ti Pi So, 108 chanting of PaHung ChaNaMarn, 108 chanting Chinnabanchon, 9 chanting of ChaYanTo. This president of this ceremony are LP Hom(85 years old), LP Khao (90 years) and LP Pian.

Powerful :
Power from this JaTuKam can bring wealth and prosperity in owner's life.

Feature of this amulet:
On the front is head of Ganesha. On the back is Ganesha.

Ganesha is a son of Lord Shiva and Parvati. He is also worshipped as the god of education, knowledge, wisdom and wealth. He has a chubby human body, four arms and elephant’s head. Thai people believe this image is especially powerful in success. In addition, this is an amulet to remove of barriers in life.

JaTuKam Legend:
Regarding to, JaTuKam RaMaThep (Phra Siam Dhevaraj of South Sea kingdom) South Sea kingdom is an area in the south of Thailand. It starts from SurajThani, Malaysia until Indonesia. These areas were Sri Vichai Kingdom since over 1,000 years ago. This kingdom is very prosperity. There is much Bodhisattva architecture. The principle of Bodhisattva is great kindness.

JaTuKam RaMaThep :
- JaTu means four. Kam (Kama) means area. Total meaning of JaTuKam RaMaThep is 4 directions.
- JaTuKam RaMaThep means soul of former king of Sri Vichai Kingdom. He is full of prestige and popularity. Moreover, he is full of ten virtues.
People believe that JaTuKam RaMaThep was a former king of Sri Vichai Kingdom who protects Phra BaRomMa That and Nakorn Sri ThammaRat City. JaTuKam RaMaThep is a symbol of Bodhisattva.

Nowadays, JaTuKam RaMaThep in Thailand is very popular for his power of protection and wealth. Also there are many fake JaTuKam RaMaThep amulets in Thai market and market price continual going up.

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