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PDMPR989 : Protect Home, Bring Luck Hoon Phayon Rueang Rit Male Guardian (Standing) Statue No.89 (LP Plueang, Wat Phang Dan, Phatthalung Province)
with Katha: HP_LPPlueang
Stock Status Out of Stock   
Size height of 12 inches (base width 13 x base thickness 11 x height 32 cm)


100% Authentic from the Temple

Name: Hoon Phayon Rueng Rit Male Guardian (Standing) Statue

Serial Number: 89

- There is a serial number and a code.
- Hoon Phayon was named "Rueng Rit" meaning "having strong power".

Image: a strong Thai man wearing like a Muay Thai boxer

From: LP Plueang, Wat Phang Dan, Phatthalung Province

Origin: Thailand

Year: B.E.2565 (C.E.2022)

Material: sculpted from holy soil

Making: 99 pcs

Size: the height of 12 inches

Objective: to earn donations to develop and restore old permanent objects in the temple

Ceremony: blessed by LP Plueang

Power: “Hoon Phayon” is a spiritual doll often seen as an adult man. He is classified as Prai or a spirit. Old magic masters created Hoon Phayon to serve them. Hoon Phayon can tell his owner imminent danger as well as stand by to protect his owner. He will make you lucky in doing anything for example gambling and lucky draw or run business very well. Hoon Phayon can protect you from bad things and spirits. Hoon Phayon will keep eyes on and keep the thieves away from your house or your belongings or your car.

How to Use: Chant the Katha and make a wish. Place on an altar not higher than Buddhas.


- After receiving Prai (spiritual items), firstly, we have to tell a guardian spirit in the place to open way for Prai by lighting 16 joss sticks and say with your native language (if no joss sticks, you can only say).

- We should place spiritual items on an altar below Buddhas, monks, deities and hermits.

- If placing Prai at home, you should do offering. Offerings are food and a drink. If you don’t have time to prepare food, only offer a red soft drink or glass of clean drinking water regularly at your convenient day and time.

- To enhance the power of spirit items, when you are free, should go to temple or church to make merit or when you join charity, you can say in mind to dedicate the merit to Hoon Phayon.

About LP Plueang:

Luang Pu Plueang is a holy monk, now he is 84, an acting abbot of Wat Phang Dan. Before he became a monk, he was an occult master. LP Plueang has a lot of experience and magical knowledge.

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Amulets by LP Plueang, Wat Phang Dan, Phatthalung Province

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product detail / customize add to cart $9.99
YEAR END SALE - Phra Khun Paen Khaen Aon (Buddha with Gentle Hands) - No.535
with Katha KP_Master

LP Plueang, Wat Phang Dan, Phatthalung Province

product detail / customize add to cart $9.99
YEAR END SALE - Phra Khun Paen Khaen Aon (Buddha with Gentle Hands) - No.794
with Katha KP_Master

LP Plueang, Wat Phang Dan, Phatthalung Province

Total 2 Record : 1 Page : 1

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