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PDMPR72 : Get Rich Secure & Prosperous! Look Om Kot Setthi Iridescent (Phiw Rung) Bronze Amulet (LP Whan, Wat Klong Koon, Phichit Province)
with Katha: amulet_LPWhanWatKlongKoon
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Size 1.5 cm


100% Authentic from Temple

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Name: Look Om Kot Setthi Iridescent Bronze Amulet

From: LP Whan, Wat Klong Koon, Phichit Province

Origin: Thailand

Batch: Saraphat Nuek (inspire all wishes)

Year: B.E. 2561 (C.E. 2018)

Size: 1.5 cm

Material: iridescent (Phiw Rung) bronze

Amount: made 3,000 pieces.

Purpose of Making: to earn donations for building the funeral hall, Wat Samranrat Samakkhi, Phetchabun Province.

Ceremony: holy blessing by LP Whan at Wat Samranrajsamakkee, Phetchabun Province on 10 December 2018.

Power: This Look Om holds powerful Yant in itself: Yant Phrajow 5 PhraOng (5 Buddha Yant) for harm protection and invulnerable and Yant Phokasarp for wealth, progression in career and people kindness.

About Guru Monk:
Luangpho Whan is a respectable senior guru monk. He is famous in Phichit province and other lower northern provinces of Thailand. He is an abbot of Wat Klong Koon in Phichit province. He is a good monk whom people admire and respect. His father was a Thai traditional doctor using magic to cure people and drive out bad spirits. LP Whan saw his father cure people every day. That made him merciful. He also learnt magic from his father. Moreover, he went to learn more magic from many skilled guru monks such as LP Jan, LP Rord, etc. Today, LP Whan becomes a top guru monk who is often invited to join the official blessing ceremony. His amulets are powerful and have real effects on the worshippers.

Real Experiences:

1. A man showed LP Whan medal that he wore on his son neck and it could save his son from drowning. (revealed 9 April 2012)

2. Kru Kai, a teacher told that once he went to LP Whan to check his fortune. LP Whan said he would see misfortune. So Kru Kai asked LP Whan to make holy water for him. After bathing the holy water, he left for Laos for work. During travel, there was a problem and Kru Kai had to go in another bus. Then he heard that the first bus had an accident. Kru Kai said if he had sat in that bus, he would have died. Kru Kai believed holy water from LP Whan warded off that misfortune. (revealed 9 April 2012)

3. A man who owns the tire repair shop in Phichit province told his experience. On 8 November 2012, his car that had him and 2 employees was hit by a pickup truck. His car was seriously damaged, but wonderfully they all were safe! Teller said he wore LP Whan medal. (revealed 2 December 2012)

4. This was a miracle of a family that has faith in LP Whan. One day, they (father, mother and daughter) had an accident while going home by motorcycle. They all were safe, but a litigant died next day. They believed amulets from LP Whan (Takrut and LP Whan medals) saved them. (revealed 26 December 2012)

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