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PDMPR654 : Always powerful protector! Bronze Set of LP Thuad Barami Bodhisatto Amulets (3 pcs) (LP Daeng, Wat Rai Bang Tawa, Pattani Province)
with Katha: Buddha_LPThuad

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Size 3 different sizes


100% Authentic from Temple

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Name: Set of LP Thuad Barami Bodhisatto Amulets (3 pcs)

1. Bronze Kring LP Thuad amulet (size 2 x 3 cm)
2. Bronze LP Thuad amulet (size 1.3 x 1.9 cm)
3. Bronze LP Thuad amulet (size 0.6 x 1 cm)

Amount: created only 499 sets.

From: LP Daeng, Wat Rai Bang Tawa, Pattani Province

Origin: Thailand

Batch: Barami Bodhisatto

Year: 2561 B.E. (2018 C.E.)

Purpose of Making: Temple needs donations to build the Ubosot (Buddhist chapel).

Ceremony: holy blessing from LP Daeng on the auspicious occasion.

Holiness of LP Thuad amulets:
LP Thuad amulet is very holy with strong power of protection. Police and soldiers popularly wear LP Thuad amulets because they believe LP Thuad’s grace will make them safe when they work. Other people could be safe from accidents. Power of LP Thuad is also believed to destroy bad powers, black magic and evil spirits. Besides, people who have faith in LP Thuad always pray to LP Thuad for being successful in what they are going to do in a good way.

More about LP Thuad:
LuangpuThuad (1582-1682 C.E.) is a revered Buddhist monk who lived in Thailand. He is said to have performed miracles. LP Thuad is mentioned in the early regional history of Southern Thailand, but his life is mainly preserved in oral. His journey throughout the Southern peninsula constitutes a path of pilgrimage for many of his followers.
Many people in Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia believe that amulets created in LP Thuad image hold great protective powers granting safety in times of distress, especially saving the lives of believers from seemingly fatal automobile accidents. LP Tim Dharmataro, abbot of Wat Chang Hai is the pioneer creator of LP Thuad amulets. Old sacred amulets of LP Thuad are considered priceless and very powerful.

About Guru Monk:
LP Daeng (often called PhraAjarnDaeng) is very skilled guru monk who is an abbot of Wat Rai Bang Tawa in Pattani Province (deep province in the south of Thailand). His magical ability spread all over the south and overseas. So, he has many disciples both Thais and foreigners. Moreover, LP Daeng is person whom people trust because he is honest and merciful.
LP Daeng was born in 2512 B.E. (1969 C.E.) in Pattani. He has been interested in magic since he was a child. After he got ordained, he learnt magic from LP Sook of WatMujarintawapiWihan, a famous guru monk. Soon, LP Daeng became an expert in magic. Then LP Daeng began making amulets and gave them to people, fishermen. They said amulet from LP Daeng was good made them safe and catch many fish. After that, he began making Takrut using a bullet cartridge (called Takrut Look Puen). With strong protection power, this kind of Takrut was the talk of the town and today it is still famous.

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