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PDMPR402a : PRO Lucky No.7824 Burnt Copper Wealthy without Obstacles LP Jue with Brahma Medal (LP Jue, Wat Khao Ta Ngoh Udomphorn, Chaiyaphum Province)
with Katha: Monk&Amulet_Master

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Size 2.5 cm x 3.7 cm
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100% Authentic from Temple

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Name: LP Jue with Brahma medal **with code and serial number

From: LP Jue, Wat Khao Ta Ngoh Udomphorn, Chaiyaphum Province

Origin: Thailand

Batch: “Phrom Setthi” (wealthy Brahma)

Year: B.E.2563 (C.E.2020)

Material: burnt copper

Size: 2.5 cm x 3.7 cm

Amount: made 999 pieces.

Serail number: 479

Purpose of Making: to earn donations to develop and restore Wat Khao Ta Ngoh Udomphorn.

Ceremony: holy blessing by LP Jue on the auspicious date.

Power: LP Jue is a good monk whom many people in Thailand respect. LP Jue amulet will bestow his devotees safety, good luck and good things.

Present: Backside has Brahma imprint for more auspiciousness.

Brahma (Thai: Phra Phrom or Thao Maha Phrom) is one of the 3 highest Hindu gods, also known as ‘God of Creation’. People believe Brahma built the world and created humans and all creatures, having duty of protecting the world, human and animals, moreover controlling human beings’ fate. So worshipping Brahma is regarded to support worshiper’s destiny and be auspicious when starting the important activity or establishment.

Biography of LP Jue:
LUANG PU JUE was born on Thursday 17 June 2486 B.E. (1943 C.E.) in Chaiyaphum province. His family was poor, but LP Jue was diligent. He helped parents work for life. He went to Bangkok for a job and was an assistant in the tailor shop. In 2518 B.E. (1975 C.E.), at age 32, LP Jue got ordained as a Buddhist monk for quietness of mind.

After ordination, LP Jue followed LP Phang Jittakutato who was a respectable Northeastern monk. LP Phang was a good monk who did useful things for community for example being the head of building the dam to help agriculture. Therefore, LP Phang is a role model of LP Jue.
In 2523 B.E. (1980 C.E.), when LP Jue already stayed at Wat Khao Ta Ngoh Udomphorn, he heard that villagers had problems with water scarcity. So, LP Jue had an idea of building the earth dam. He led monks and villagers to do that. With a good cooperation between monks and people as well as support from local government, the earth dam was successful. Today, people have enough water for everyday use and cultivation.
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