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PDMPR07 : Powerful Money-Catching Multi-metal (Chanuan) Hanuman Riak Sarp Amulet with Silver Takrut (Mini price LP Phring, Wat Sab Chomphu, Phetchabun Province)
with Katha: HA_Master
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Size 1.2 x 2.5 cm
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100% Authentic from Temple

Name: Hanuman Riak Sarp Amulet

Hanuman (Immortal Monkey God), Now LP Phring has presented Hanuman amulet with magical power of Money Attraction. The magical power also eases up career and business going fluently and successfully. Moreover, mighty power of Hanuman will keep owner from harm and dangers.

- multi-metal (Chanuan) substance with silver Takrut and holy mass filled bottom
- created only 489 pieces

Size: 1.2 x 2.5 cm

From: LP Phring, Wat Sab Chomphu, Phetchabun Province

Origin: Thailand

Batch (Roon): Hanuman Riak Sarp (Money-attracting Monkey God)

Year: 2559 B.E. (2016 C.E.)

Purpose: to earn money for Sala Thammasangwet (funeral pavilion) in place of the old one at Wat Sab Chomphu, Phetchabun province

About Guru Monk:
This is Luangpu Phring from Phetchabun province whom many people respect. People frequently come to LP Phring to get a blessing and holy water from him for good luck. LP Phring is full of Metta (mercy) and Baramee (merit). His amulets are very auspicious for worship.

**Interesting facts about Luangpu Phring:
- LP Phring got ordained by LP Derm, Wat Nongpho, Nakhon Sawan province and received magic and mantras from him.
- LP Phring was familiar with LP Tob, Wat Chondan, Phetchabun province.
(LP Derm and LP Tob were famous guru monks in the past of Thailand.)
- People believe LP Phring can do wonderful things.
**These are some wonderful stories about LP Phring.
1. Once farmers in Phetchabun province had a problem with crops because of drought. They came to LP Phring and asked him to bring the rain. Wonderfully, it rained and people could do farming.
2. Once there was a teenager with his brand-new car that often annoyed people with noisy engine when he drove by. One day, LP Phring saw the teenager drive too fast. He blamed that teenager about driving and said if he did not stop driving too fast, his car would break down soon. Next day, car of that teenager really broke down without reason like LP Phring said the day before!
3. LP Phring likes to support children education. Some of those children already graduated and have good jobs now. They told when they were students, before the exam they liked to come to LP Phring for good luck. LP Phring gave them pepper seeds that he already blessed and told them to eat. Amazingly, they all were successful in the exam.

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