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"Thank you so much. I already sent my intention and wish to the Hoon Payon ,just by looking at the picture and now you have more. Very powerful,the Hoon Payon can hear my wish. I give thanks to LP Supot-super powerful, holy and merciful. Thank you to B"
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PDMAD1937R : Gain Love & Mercy Look Om Look Ngae Powder Mix Mother Buffalo Milk (LP Ya Than Khian, Wat Pacha Ban Phonsim, Ubon Ratchathani Province )
with Katha: Metta_Master
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Size 1.3 cm diameter


100% Authentic from the Temple

Name: Look Om Look Ngae (the amulet for mercy)

From: LP Ya Than Khian, Wat Pacha Ban Phonsim, Ubon Ratchathani Province

Origin: Thailand

Year: B.E.2564 (C.E.2021)

Material: holy powder mixed with a buffalo's milk painted gold

Making: 2,000 pcs

Size: 1.3 cm diameter

**Benefits/ Powers:
- Makes you gain lots of people's love, mercy, help and kind support from customers/clients
- Makes you charming
- Make you easily persuade or convince people
- Brings lots of fortune to an owner

How to Use: Chant the Katha. Make a wish. Carry below the waist.

LP Ya Than Khian has created a talisman "Children", which is gaining popularity among his disciples at the moment.

"Look Om Look Ngae" or popularly known as "Look Om Look Ngae" was built in the style of an ancient monk. Buddha's outstanding charm Metta Mahaniyom is a mixture of young buffalo milk.

Luang Pu Ya you wrote said to the disciple, The milk flows from mother to child. Milk is a mother's blood that is distilled from the breast for the baby to drink. One formula for mercy compares with compassion: Love as a child in a bosom, the blood in the bosom is given to drink and eat. This recipe for making amulets mixed with milk or blood in the chest. There is a legend since ancient times. baby buffalo milk Calling the baby buffalo that has just come out of her mother as "Luk Haeng" and will cry for her mother not to be away from her body and must be seen all the time.

Buffaloes or buffaloes are large creatures whose powers you have. The milk of buffalo mother and baby that is fed into the baby's mouth (children's mouth) is a good talisman. that used to create talismans and talismans The strength of both compassion and great charm.

Recipe for making amulets, buffalo milk, mother and baby LP Ya Than Khian learned from Champasak, Laos, on the edge of a field in the middle of a rice field. You know how to awaken the buffalo's milk to be magical and powerful. and the strength of ancient times.

Going out to get the milk of the young buffalo on Friday is an auspicious occasion of love, emotion, and kindness. meek Then hold the auspicious Golden season on earth Consecrated the milk of young buffalo mothers. Set a soft fire with 5 wood firewood. Moringa wood, Kalong wood, Rak wood, Gooseberry wood, Jackfruit wood. Only the smell of buffalo milk sediment is left. which absorbs the Buddha's virtues, the Scriptures and the Metta Sutta.

Then take the buffalo milk from the young mother that has been mixed with the 5 Buddha's powder according to the 5 mouth magic powder formula, consisting of powder to open the bag, powder to open the mouth of the stove, powder to open the mouth of the pot, powder to open the mouth of alms. and the powder opened the mouth of the blender.

The mouth of the 5 wealth is open to allow wealth and money to flow in and pour in. Mix the powdered water buffalo milk powder that has more mysticism into round balls, stamped with the guard seal or the 4 directions of the asterisk pattern.

About the Guru Monk:
LP Ya Than Khian is a respectable senior monk of Ubon Ratchathani Province. In C.E. 2014, he is 87 years old.
LP Ya Than Khian is not ambitious and does not care about money, rank and stuff. Once, his disciple told Ya Than Khian that he would buy a new house for him and take him abroad. When Ya Than Khian heard that offer, he refused all. Basically, Ya Than Khian is simple and merciful. He dedicates himself to Buddhism.

Ya Than Khian is a former abbot of Wat Don Som Poi in Ubon Ratchathani Province. At present, he spends all time on pilgrimage in the woods. His shelter is in the graveyard. Now, he stays temporarily at Tambon Yang Kee Nok Dharma Retreat, Ubon Ratchathani Province.

Ya Than Khian had collected magical knowledge by learning from many guru experts such as Pra Kru Tammaban who kept on magic of Somdet Loon (the great Laotian monk), AJ Tong Lue, AJ Plang, etc.
For contemplation, he learnt more meditation from Jao Koon Norarat Rajchamanit, a high-ranking monk until he fully understood both theory and practice of meditation. LP Kian has ever been to Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar for pilgrimage. His strong mindfulness and magical knowledge makes his amulets very powerful.

**There are many wonderful stories of LP Kian revealed by people.
1. Someone saw LP Kian walking through Mekong River.
2. People said that LP Kian stopped a herd of fierce wild elephants.
3. People said that wherever LP Kian goes will be lucky and away from bad things. LP Kian was once invited to
the field of a farmer. He stepped on the field. When the storm came, it destroyed many pieces of field except the field where LP Kian stepped on.
4. People said LP Kian can contact with spirits.
5. People said LP Kian can change bad fortune to good fortune for people.
6. A disciple cut a piece of cloth used to wipe Ya Than Khian’s feet. He carried a small piece of cloth with him all the time. One day, his motorcycle crashed into a ten-wheel truck. Wonderfully, his motorcycle was totally damaged, but a disciple had only a few scratches on his body.
7. LP Khambu ever mentioned about Ya Than Khian. LP Khambu said that Ya Than Khian was good. One day, disciples brought amulets and asked LP Khambu to bless. One of amulets was previously blessed by Ya Than Khian. When LP Khambu blessed, he took one amulet out and said it had so much power that he did not have to bless again.

This content has copyright and duplication is not permitted.

Note: The real one may be different from the picture because this picture is an example.

Amulets by LP Ya Than Khian, Wat Pacha Ban Phonsim, Ubon Ratchathani Province

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Influence & Safeguard Avian God - Bronze Krut Jak Phet (Garuda) Amulet
with Katha GR_Master

LP Ya Than Khian, Wat Pacha Ban Phonsim, Ubon Ratchathani Province

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Influence & Safeguard Avian God- Mixed Brass Krut Jak Phet (Garuda) Amulet
with Katha GR_Master

LP Ya Than Khian, Wat Pacha Ban Phonsim, Ubon Ratchathani Province

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Best Protection Ever! Phra Somdej Guan Yu (no Takrut)
with Katha SD_Master

LP Ya Than Khian, Wat Pacha Ban Phonsim, Ubon Ratchathani Province

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