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PDMAC97 : Protect from Harm & Black Magic B.E.2550 KataJatuRaPhrom - Brahma wand amulet (LP Phrom, Wat Ban Suan, Phatthalung Province )
with Katha: Meed_Master
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Size 0.8 cm x 5.5 cm


100% Authentic from Temple

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Name: KataJatuRaPhrom - Brahma wand amulet

From: LP Phrom, Wat Ban Suan, Phatthalung Province

Year: B.E.2550 (C.E.2007)

Origin: Thailand

Material: sacred metal

Size: 0.8 cm x 5.5 cm

Purpose of Making: to earn donations to develop and restore old buildings in Wat Ban Suan.

Ceremony: LP Phrom blessed this magic correctly following magical method of LP Khong a past abbot of Wat Ban Suan who was a famous occult guru monk of Phatthalung Province in 2007.

Power: This Brahma wand will bring worshiper good luck, auspiciousness and can protect owner from harm, black magic and disturbing spirits.

Brahma (Thai: Phra Phrom or Thao Maha Phrom) is one of the 3 highest Hindu gods, also known as ‘God of Creation’. People believe Brahma built the world and created humans and all creatures, having duty of protecting the world, human and animals, moreover controlling human beings’ fate. Power of Brahma is well-known for bestowing the worshiper good luck, wealth, prosperity, success in career and business.

About Guru Monk:
LP Phrom Khantigo (Phrakhru Khan Taya Phon) of Wat Ban Suan, Phatthalung province. He is a well- known guru monk in the south of Thailand. He studied the magic from Samnak KowOor (the school of magic). LP Phrom teaches people dharma and there are many disciples. He is an abbot of Wat Ban Suan, Phatthalung Province. LP Phrom was born on Monday the 10th March 1942 C.E. in Phathalung Province. When he was 20 years old, he went in monkhood at Wat Ban Suan that had Phrakhru Phiphat Siri Thon or LP Khong Sirimto was a preceptor. After that, LP Phrom went to Bangkok to study Buddha’s teaching at Wat Trai Mit. Then LP Phrom became an abbot of Wat Bansuan from the former abbot, LP Khong.
LP Phrom has developed, built the public properties for people and given the scholarship to poor students and poor novices.

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