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PDMAC9055Rb : Great for Wealth Phra Somdej Mongkhol Mahalap- Pim Lek (small) Blank Bank with authenticity card (AJ Mae Chee Boonruean, Bangkok)
with Katha: MaecheeBoonruean_Master
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100% Authentic from Temple

Name: Phra Somdej Mongkhol Mahalap with Rear Mae Chee photo

From: AJ Mae Chee Boonruean, Wat Samphanthawong, Bangkok

Origin: Thailand

Year: B.E.2499 (C.E.1956)

Material: This powerful Buddha amulet created from many holy mass such as
1. Powder from top temples around Thailand such as “Wat Phra Chettuphon”, “Wat Trithotsathep”, “Wat Samphanthawong” and other.
2. Powder from holy Buddha amulets that created from 108 kinds of flower and herb.
3. Powder from soil of 7 watersides and 7 pools.
4. Powder from ancient magical methods.
5. Powder from soils of 4 holy Buddhism places in India.
6. Powder from white chalk in Ratchaburi province
7. Holy waters from many top monks around Thailand

Purpose for making: donated the money from amulet to build “Phra Phutthophat Chinnarat Jommuni” image at Wat Saranat in Rayong province.

Ceremony: There were 2 grand ceremonies to bless Phra Mongkol Maha Lap such as
First ceremony there were many top monks around Thailand joined to bless at “LP Pin of Wat Baworn”, “LP Mian of Wat Phrachettuphon”, “LP Sodh of Wat Pak Nam”, “LP Lee of Wat Asokaram”, “LP Sa-ard of Wat Samphanthawong”, “LP Nor of Wat Klang Tharue”, “LP Chob of Wat Arwut”, “LP Toh of Wat Praduchimplee”, “LP Ngoen of Wat Donyaihom”, “Mae Chee Boon Ruen” and other. Moreover, in ceremony there were many magical experts joined to bless too.

Second ceremony there were many top monks joined to bless at Wat Saranat for 18 days and 18 nights such as “LP Toh of Wat Khao Bor Thong”, “LP Tim of Wat Laharnrai”, “LP Lee of Wat Asokaram”, “LP Fun Arjaro”, “Mae Chee Boonruen” and other 100 top monks around Thailand.

Power: Phra Mongkol Maha Lap by Mae Chee Boonruen is very well known in Thailand because this powerful Buddha amulet has many great powers such as bring wealth, luck, prosperity, progression, good business and fortune to worshiper. In addition, Phra Mongkol Maha Lap can help worshiper from harm, accident and obstacle.

Biography of Maechee Boonruean Tongboonterm:

Maechee [Maechee= “nun”] Boonruean Tongboonterm (Nun Boonruean Tongboonterm), a famous nun of Thailand was born on Sunday the 4th March 1894 in Ayutthaya Province. Her former name is Mrs. Boonruean Klinphaka. She lived in a poor family. She studied reading and writing Thai and doing the housework from her parents until she could do those well. When she was young, she met LP Phring, an abbot of Wat Bangpakok at that time who inspired her to learn dharma of Buddha, make merit and do meditation. Then she got married to a policeman Mr. Joi Tongboonterm who worked at Samphanthawong District Police Station, but she didn’t have a child. She and her husband loved making merit and dharma. They often went to the temple. Her husband got ordained as a monk for one year. After her husband resigned, she got ordained as a nun at Wat Samphanthawong until she became an expert in intensive meditation. In 1936, her husband died by the accident that she was 42 at that time. Nun Boonruean has a lot of supernatural power and used it to help people. She passed away on the 7th September 1964. Although she has gone, people always remember her because she did a lot of good things and gave people a favor. Nowadays, there is Nun Boonruean Statue located at Wat Awutwikasitaram or also called Wat Bangphladnork, Bangkok.

LP Boonruean passed away 7 September B.E.2507 (C.E.1964).

These are some supernatural of Nun Boonruean:
At night in June 1927, Nun Boonruean felt annoyed her husband because he kept gnashing. So, she made a wish that she got in the pavilion located at the police station where her husband worked. Suddenly, she appeared in the pavilion. She told her friends but they didn’t believe her. Her friends wanted to prove the truth of that. They asked Nun Boonruean to disappear to the pavilion again, but they locked windows and a door of the pavilion. Unbelievably, Nun Boonruean could get in there for a second time!
She disappeared to the heaven and brought the deity’s relic for people to worship.
She could cure the sick people and made them absolutely recover from their illness such as the first case, the handicapped old man who had a bent back and weak legs. Nun Boonruean only said to the old man “Put down the walking stick and walk strongly”, suddenly the old man’s back was gradually straight and he could walk like normal people. The second case, the man who had such a serious stomach ache at night that he couldn’t sleep at all. Nun Boonruean said to the man “You will have no pain tonight”. Incredibly, that night the man had no pain at all and after that he recovered from his serious stomach ache.
Nun Boonruean had special ears. She could hear everything. One day, she went to cure the madam who had painful legs at her house. When Nun Boonruean finished curing, madam gave her money for going home. When Nun Boonruean had gone, madam told her husband what Nun Boonruean treated her and the money she gave Nun Boonruean. Her husband got upset and blamed Nun Boonruean. Following morning, Nun Boonruean came to madam’s house and gave money back to madam. That shows Nun Boonruean heard what madam’s husband said.


**Note to Buyer: This is a sample picture. The real item may be different according to color, size, design and casing of amulet.
- Color deviation: The picture is the actual picture of the sample. Colors may vary slightly due to the different color settings of each monitor and the shooting light.
- Size Deviation: All dimensions are measured by hand, there may be slight deviations.
- Design: The handmade amulet, each amulet may be different unlike using machine.
- Casing: The casing is craftsmanship from temple or master, which creates.

This content is copyright and duplication is not permitted.

Amulets by AJ Mae Chee Boonruean, Bangkok

product detail / customize add to cart $97.99
Wealth**Rare B.E.2499 Phra Nang Phaya Nuea Din (soil) with Certificate of Authenticity
with Katha MaecheeBoonruean_Master

AJ Mae Chee Boonruean, Bangkok

product detail / customize add to cart $62.99
Wealth, Protection**B.E.2511 Phra Phuttho Noi Mae Chee Boonruean from Wat Avutvikasitaram + Authenticity Card
with Katha MaecheeBoonruean_Master

AJ Mae Chee Boonruean, Bangkok

product detail / customize add to cart $62.99
Wealth, Protection**B.E.2511 Phra Phuttho Noi Mae Chee Boonruean from Wat Avutvikasitaram + Authenticity Card
with Katha MaecheeBoonruean_Master

AJ Mae Chee Boonruean, Bangkok

product detail / customize add to cart $105.99
Supports & Stops Distress Big Soil Phra Pang Ham Yat (Monday Buddha) B.E.2499
with Katha MaecheeBoonruean_Master

AJ Mae Chee Boonruean, Bangkok

Copyright (c) 2006, All rights reserved.