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PDMAC6571R : Rare C.E.1967-1987 Phra Somdej Phong Kaduk Phee (Buddha from spirit ashes)*Real Protection Experience (LP Boonchu, Wat Hua Vow, Singburi Province )
with Katha: SD_Master

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100% Authentic from Temple

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Name: Phra Somdej Phong Kaduk Phee

phong kaduk = bone ashes
phee = ghost

From: LP Boonchu, Wat Hua Vow, Singburi Province

Origin: Thailand

Year: B.E.2510-2530 (C.E.1967-1987)

Material: Ittije powder mixed with intense bone ashes of dead people.

Ceremony: LP Boonchu created powder and strongly blessed by himself.

Powder: LP Boonchu's amulets are great experience about charm and harm protection.

**Real Experience: The woman wearing Phra Somdej was about to get raped, but the criminal saw ghost from her amulet and ran away.

**Worship Guidance: We can wear LP Boonchu's amulet with mindstream amulets because LP Boonchu's amulet is not type of "Prai or Ghost" even it is mixed with corpse bone as LP perfectly blessed and made merit for the casualties' bones, so it is no any backfire to worshiper.

More information about Material:

Phong Ittije LP Boonchu used his mindstream to make by using white clay pencil writing on slate board until finish and erasing to get the power. When pencil was used up, LP made sculpted new white clay pencil by himself. LP chanted Katha along when making a pencil to build up great power.

About the ashes, it is hard to make because LP selected ashes from people dying on Saturday cremated on Tuesday (regarded very power spirit) from 7 cemeteries called Jed-Pa-Cha.

Not only Phong Ittije and ashes, LP also mixed his powder with holy materials such as mass from elephant pole (the pole which the elephant is tied to), mass from the log floating against river stream, herbs such as Wahn Dork Thong, Wahn Sow Long, soil under the boat, etc.

Phong Ittije of LP Boonchu holds great charm powder especially strength that attract people even animals to us for example while LP Boonchu was making Phong Ittige and the dogs and cats lined up to LP. That shows great charm as in fact cat and dog like to fight with each other.

Phong Ittige of LP Boonchu was known by people because the monks whom LP Boonchu ordained (when man is 20, he will be ordained as a monk according to Buddhist tradition). The monk who completed 1 year resigned and they asked amulet from LP Boonchu. Those monks propagated the power of Phong Ittije which is material in amulet, so others knew the power.

One thing, LP Boonchu mixed materials and asked monks to help him mold the amulets to give people who donated to temple.

Information about LP Boonchu :

LP Boonchu of Wat Hua Vow is one of the famous guru monks in Thailand. LP was very expert at in making Phong Ittije (the powerful yant powder of charm) which LP wrote and erased by himself mixed with casualty's bone ashes. LP Boonchu's powder is praised as strong as Phong Prai Guman of LP Tim Wat LahanLaai. His renowed amulets from this powder are Phra PidTa and Phra Somdej. Moreover, wonderful experiences of worshipers have ensured the strength of LP Boonchu's amulets
for example
- The woman wearing Phra Somdej was about to get raped, but the criminal saw ghost from her amulet and ran away.
- Second batch medal, a teenager his motorbike turned over and he fell off in the distance, but he was safe and continued to ride.
- Phra PidTa LP Boonchu has been experienced about protection in Southern border provinces that many soldiers asked for PidTa for themselves.

LP Boonchu was born on 7 April B.E. 2480 (C.E. 1937). Got ordained when 20. Passed away on 7 November B.E. 2546 (C.E.2003)at age 66.

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