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"Thank you so much for the katha. Really appreciate your kindness. Finally I can use the amulet, it's been lying around in my amulet collection box for 2 months now. Thanks once again. I guess I owe you a big favor, so if you ever wish to call upon the"
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PDMAC6275 : Prime Collection Brings Success & Stability B.E.2515 Phra Chaiwat Holy Powder Amulet (LP Thub, Wat Khae Nang Loeng, Bangkok)
with Katha: PKR_Master
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The best powerful Buddha amulet from great magical monk.

100% Authentic from Temple

Name: B.E.2515 Phra Chaiwat Holy Powder Amulet

From: LP Thub, Wat Khae Nang Loeng, Bangkok

Year: B.E.2515 (C.E.1972)

Size: 1.2 x 2.3 cm

Material: this powerful amulet created from holy powder.

Origin: Thailand

Purpose for making: donate the money from amulet to develop and restore the buildings in temple.

Ceremony: LP Thub blessed this amulet at Wat Khae Nang Loeng on the auspicious date.

Powerful: Phra Chaiwat is an amulet of the King. Every king of Thailand has his own Phra Chaiwat. Phra Chaiwat means “always conquer/win/succeed”. In the past, Phra Chaiwat is made as a model before making Phra Kring to mean propitious beginning.

People believe to worship Phra Chaiwat will bring propitiousness, good luck, wealth, safety and success in what we hope for in human endeavor. Besides, gurus say Phra Chaiwat can carry off illness, too.

About LP Thub:

LP Thub was born in the "Wichadet" family, born on Monday 11 April 1898 at Ban Bang Luang Taeng Sub-district, Bang Ban District, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province.
LP Thub is the 9th abbot of Wat Kha Nang Loeng, which has a magical intensity from Phutthatha. Is a maestro with Luang Pu To Wat Pradu Chim Phli, Luang Pu Seng, Kalayanamit Temple, Luang Por Ngoen, Don Yai Hom Temple, Nakhon Pathom, especially Luang Pu To are very close to each other. When Wat Khae is chanted, the monks have to invite Luang Pu To to join in every sitting When still alive He refused to disclose this type of science to be very widespread. So common people rarely have the opportunity to know. In addition to those who are close and follow.
LP Thub , Wat Khae Nang Loeng Temple He is a student from Luang Pho Khan, Nok Krachab Temple, Muang Krung Kao. Learn a class to make a rope from a calico wrap the dead. It's unique. He is another war monk. Who accepted the ceremony for chanting various important sacred objects such as Indochina Ceremony at Suthat Temple Year 1945, 25 Buddhist Century Ceremony in 1957, Prasat Temple Ceremony in 1963, etc.

LP Thub passed away on 29 May B.E.2533 (C.E.1990).

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Amulets by LP Thub, Wat Khae Nang Loeng, Bangkok

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Prime Collection Brings Success & Stability B.E.2515 Phra Chaiwat Holy Powder Amulet
with Katha PKR_Master

LP Thub, Wat Khae Nang Loeng, Bangkok

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Prime Collection B.E.2510 Phra Liang (Harm Avoidance Buddha) Amulet
with Katha Monk&Amulet_Master

LP Thub, Wat Khae Nang Loeng, Bangkok

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