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PDMAC5594Rk : Hot Man! Barang for Love Sex Appeal & Fortune Special with Takrut* Phaya Khao Kam (Golden Horned Prince) (AJ Best, Chaing Mai province)
with Katha: PKK_AJBest
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Size 2.7 x 3.8 cm
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The best powerful amulet of Sanae…

100 Authentic from Occult Master

Name: Special with Takrut* Phaya Khao Kam (Golden Horned Prince) amulet **rare to find nowadays

From: AJ Best, Chaing Mai province

Year: B.E.2553 (C.E.2010)

Size: 2.7 x 3.8 cm

Material: This amulet from AJ Best is made from mystical masses such as herbs, cemetery soil and Phong Prai (bone ashes of casualties).

Present: Special backside embedded with Takrut and Look Om (holy ball) sculpted from bone ashes.

Ceremony: AJ Best excellently consecrated following magical method and invited spirits for ultimate power.

Power: Aj Best’s amulet is great of charming, sex appeal especially for men. Amulet can make owner so hot and popular among girls. Easily speak for something, get anyone’s pleasure, can do business well and have financial windfalls.

The Story of Phaya Khao Kam:
Phaya Khao Kam appears in Northern Thai story. The story says that once in the past there was the king who did not have a son. The king wanted to have a son, so he held the ceremony to pray to god for son. Soon, the king had a son. His son was very good-looking and had gold horns on his head since he was born. The horns were bigger as he got older. When the prince grew up, he was charming and was wanted by a lot of girl in the town. People called the prince “Phaya Khao Kam” that means “who has gold horns”. Nobody could remove horns on prince’s head, but his soul mate. One day, the prince found two beautiful ladies who were his soul mates. The two ladies could remove horns on prince’s head. The prince no longer had horns. He and his girls lived happily ever after.

Directions of Use: Hang on neck separately from Buddha amulets.

**Note to worshiper: As this amulet contains material from the dead, owner should make merit and dedicate to all spirits in amulet often that will make amulet effective and result come faster.

Biography of AJ Best:

AJ Best or AJ Woraphon is the well-known magical master that he studied the magic and mediation from many magical experts since he was a Buddhist novice such as AJ Nan Jun who is grandfather’s AJ Best, AJ Phor Nan Tan, LP Junhom of Wat Bungkheelek, LP Nopphawan of Wat Senanimit, LP Kalong of Wat Khaokaew and other. AJ Best passed away in B.E.2553 (C.E.2010)

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