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PDMAC533y : Lucky Forever! 2 Pieces Yant Fah Prathan Pon (Pae Rong See’s Magic Symbol) (AJ Hon Yoon, Arsomkruthao kruthong kruthep kruhon, Nonthaburi Province)
with Katha: PaeRongSee_Master
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100% Authentic from Guru Master

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Name: 2 Pieces Yant Fah Prathan Pon

From: AJ Hon Yoon, Arsomkruthao kruthong kruthep kruhon, Nonthaburi Province

Origin: Thailand

Year: B.E.2563 (C.E.2020)

Material: holy cloth

Amount of Making: 2,563 pieces.

Ceremony: AJ Hon Yoon strongly consecrated by himself for many times to build up great power.

Power: This Yant Fah Prathan belongs to Grandpa Kimkoey or people call "Pae Rong See". It is the most excellent Yant of him that can turn bad luck to good luck wonderfully or ones who wish something will be successful very soon. That is because Grandpa Kimkoey already linked power from the sky and the land together deserving the name "Fah Prathan" that means "granting from the sky" or "a godsend". It is good to have this Yant at home, shop or establishments to improve bad Feng Shui.

Meanings of 1-10 Yant Fah Prathan Pon (each Yant called “Ga” for example 1 Ga, 2 Ga, 3 Ga, etc.):
1 = carried for Feng Shui of life and to build up fortune
2 = increase beauty
3 = fight against ghosts and bad spirits
4 = best for communication and public relations
5 = bring fame and popularity to business and establishment
6 = best for service jobs
7 = improve business and establishment
8 = help gain reverence from people
9 = good for selling monk stuff, cell phones and appliances
10 = attract the flow of fortune, prosperity, abundance, good health and safety

About Guru Master:

Hon Yoon or Arjarn Hon Yoon is a skillful astrologer and guru master. He is a close disciple of Kru Thep Chadathong who is an expert astrologer and guru master. He studied astrology and mantra from Kruthep Chadathong until he became an expert.

Hon Yoon usually appears in consecration ceremony of Kru Thep Chadathong as an assistant. Hon Yoon receives trust from people as much as his teacher Kru Thep Chadathong.

Hon Yoon associates with many consecrations and has met many magic gurus for example guru monks, hermits and ascetics.

FYI: Kru Thep Chadathong or shortly called Kru Thep is expert astrologer and guru master. He has deep astrological knowledge and mantra. He has many disciples. The guru masters who are disciples follow consecration method of Kru Thep because when Kru Thep consecrates, he always calls holy spirits to come that is very hallowed. Besides, Kru Thep has many funds for religious purposes.

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