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PDMAC5135R : Luck & Sacred Dinosaur Fossil Stone Phra Somdej with Rear Yant (LP Thee Khemmajari, Wat Mingmueang Phatthanaram (Phu Wiang Wanaram), Khon Kaen Province)
with Katha: SD_Master

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Size 2.5 x 4 cm


Don’t miss a chance to worship holy amulet from more than Million-Year-Old Material!

100% Authentic from Temple

Name: Fossil Stone Phra Somdej with Rear Yant

From: LP Thee Khemmajari, Wat Mingmueang Phatthanaram (Phu Wiang Wanaram), Khon Kaen Province

Origin: Thailand

Year: B.E.2535 (C.E.1992)

Size: 2.5 x 4 cm

Material: this holy amulet created from fossil stone of dinosaur.

The first dinosaur fossil of Thailand was found in 1976, in Phu Wiang District, Khon Kaen Province, by Mr. Sutham Yaemniyom, a former geologist of Department of Mineral Resources while he surveyed the Uranium at Hin Sao Khua, Huai Pratu Tee Ma, Phu Wiang National Park. The bone was one-foot long which looked like the sauropod Diermibot, the large 15 meters long dinosaur. From the examination, it was the bottom part of the thigh bone. Dinosaur survey in Phu Wiang officially started in 1981. Mr. Chengchai Kraikhong, a geologist from Department of Mineral Resources, and his Thai-France paleobiology survey team went to survey on the top of Huai Prau Tee Ma, Phu Wiang District, and discovered the dinosaur bone, crocodile’s teeth, turtle’s shell, and fish’s teeth and scale. Afterward, more dinosaur bones were discovered. With the cooperation between Department of Mineral Resources and Khon Kaen Province, Phu Wiang Dinosaur Museum was established to educate the public and be the tourist attraction of Khon Kaen Province.

Ceremony: LP Thee properly chanted and meditated for amulet to build up sacred power.

Purpose of Making: to earn donations to develop and restore Wat Mingmueang Phatthanaram.

Powerful: Phra Somdej amulet is accepted as The Eternal Best Amulet or The Emperor of The Amulets as well as is what many amulet collectors want to possess. People believe Phra Somdej amulet has several powers in itself as follows charm, protection, being invulnerable, good luck and wealth.

Biography of LP Thee Khemmajari of Wat Mingmueang Phatthanaram, Khonkaen Province:

LP Thee Khemmajari was a former abbot of Wat Mingmueang Phatthanaram in Khonkaen Province and a famous guru monk. He was born on the 20 June 1910 in Roi-ed Province. He got ordained as a novice when he was 16. Until the age of 21, he got ordained as a monk at Wat RaSriSai, Roi-ed Province. After ordination, he set his heart on studying dharma of Buddha and meditation with the intention of inheriting Buddhism.
He created amulets to use the money for developing and restoring the temple as well as supporting Buddhist affairs. He also made the holy water for people especially sick people to drink in order to recover from their illness. He was a good monk. He woke up early at 4 in the morning to do the monk’s routine. LP Thee Khemmajari passed away on the 14th December 2006.

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