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PDMAC4928R : Protection & Good Life Rare collection B.E.2516 Phra Somdej Pim Yai (Big) holy powder (LP Waen, Wat Doi Mae Pung, Chiang Mai province)
with Katha: Buddha_LPWaen1, Buddha_LPWaen2, Buddha_LPWaen3

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Don’t miss good occasion to worship great powerful Buddha amulet

100% Authentic from Temple

Name: B.E.2516 Phra Somdej Pim Yai (Big) holy powder amulet

From: LP Waen, Wat Doi Mae Pung, Chiang Mai province

Material: this powerful Buddha amulet was created from “Phong Phutthakhun” (holy powders).

Year: B.E.2516 (C.E.1973)

Origin: Thailand

Purpose for making: donate the money from Buddha amulets to build Buddhist church of Wat Samphanthawong.

Ceremony: LP Waen strongly blessed this powerful Buddha amulet in auspicious day for long time at Wat Samphanthawong.

Power: Phra Somdej amulet by LP Waen is very well known about protect worshiper from harm, bad thing, obstacle and problem. Moreover, this powerful Buddha amulet can bring wealth, progress, success and happiness to worshiper.

Presented: there is holy Yant in the back of Buddha amulet to increase powerful.

Biography of LP Waen:
Luang Pu Waen Sujinno was born on 16 January 1887 in Tambon Na Pong, Muang District of Loei Province to a blacksmith's family. He was named Yarn and had one elder sister. He ordained as a novice in 1896 at Wat Bodhi Chai in Na Pong at the age of nine to fulfill the wish of his mother when she died while he was five years old. He studied with a number of teachers and later ordained as a monk at a temple in Hua Taparn District of Ubon Ratchathani at the age of 21.

Among the many teachers he studied with was Luang Pu Mun Bhuridatto in Udon Thani province who taught him the pursuance of a secluded life and the practice of meditation and Dhamma in the jungles. Subsequently LP Waen travelled very widely in the Northeast of Thailand in search of isolated places where he could meditate. His travelling also took him to Bangkok where he met Chao Khun Phra Upali Gunupamacariya of Wat Bovoranives in 1921 with whom LP Waen spent several years studying and practising the Dhamma. Later Chao Khun Phra Upali took him to Wat Chedi Luang in Chiangmai where LP Waen decided to change from the Maha-Nikaya sect of Buddhism to the stricter Dhammayut sect.

LP Waen travelled extensively by foot through jungles and across mountains and even ventured to Burma and India where he paid homage to several historic Buddhist sites. However, in 1955 news of a foot injury sustained during his stay in seclusion of Wat Paa Ban Pong in Mae Tang District, Chiang Mai, reached Phra Ajaan Noo Suchitto of Wat Doi Mae Pung who later arranged for LP Waen to stay in Wat Doi Mae Pung permanently. LP Waen passed away on Tuesday, July 2, 1985 at MaHaRaj hospital in Chiang Mai province.

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