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Directmall > No.1405: AJ Ponjakkapat **Charm Love & Fortune > PDMAC444y
PDMAC444y : Magic Powder Gambling Active Sale & Attraction 2-tailed House Gecko Amulet (AJ Ponjakkapat, Udon Thani province )
with Katha: Luck_Master
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Size 2.5 cm x 3.6 cm
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Don’t another magic work by Wizard of Thailand!

100% Authentic from Occult Master

Name: 2-tailed House Gecko (Jing Jok Sorng Hang)

From: AJ Ponjakkapat, Udon Thani province

Origin: Thailand

Batch: Krawad Larp Karb Sarp (fetching fortune)

Year: 2563 B.E. (2020 C.E.)

Size: 2.5 cm x 3.6 cm

Material: This amulet is made of magic powder strongly blessed with lucky and charming mantra without ghost material.

Ceremony: AJ Ponjakkapat used mind stream and spelt mantra over amulet many times until completion.

Power: This house gecko amulet is great power in helping gambling, windfalls and business especially merchant and online sale. Not only that, this lizard can bring owner sex appeal.

FYI: House gecko is tied in Thai belief especially. People believe if we hear its sound before we leave home, we will have good luck.

Biography of AJ Ponjakkapat:

Arjarn Ponjakkapat (nickname: Em) is now a famous guru master. People call him a wizard because of his magical abilities. AJ Ponjakkapat was born in 2531 B.E. (1988 C.E.), Udon Thani province. Before he was born, his mother dreamt that a pilgrim monk gave her a black Buddha amulet. In childhood, AJ Ponjakkapat was unlike other boys. He did not play with friends. He read a Buddhist prayer book of his grandma and often stayed near his grandpa who knew magic. He liked to play talismans in his grandpa’s room and read magic books of his grandpa, too. A fortune teller once told his mother that her son was different and would be involved in magic when he grew up.

That was true. AJ Ponjakkapat gradually got interested in mysteries. At age 15, he got ordained as a Buddhist novice. He learnt Vipassana Gammatan (meditation). Next, he met Thao Sao who was expert at Khmer magic. He studied Khmer magic from Thao Sao and then from many other magic gurus. After that, he practiced magic alone in the woods in Udon Thani.

At present, AJ Ponjakkapat fully becomes a guru master. He uses his magical competence to help people and also keeps on magic of his teachers. Now, he has many disciples in Thailand and foreign countries. AJ Ponjakkapat always emphasizes his disciples to use amulets with consideration. His disciples who are well-behaved really get a better life with amulets he made.

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