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PDMAC443 : Protective Red Pha Yant LP Hong (Hieroglyphic Magic Cloth) (Wat Phetburi, Surin Province )
with Katha: Buddha_LPHong_Master
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Size 25 cm x 28 cm
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100% Authentic from Temple

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Name: Pha Yant LP Hong (Hieroglyphic Magic Cloth)

Color: Red

From: Wat Petchburi, Surin Province

Origin: Thailand

Year: B.E.2562 (C.E.2019)

Size: 25 cm x 28 cm

Material: ritual cloth.

Purpose of Making: to earn donations to develop and restore Wat Petchburi.

Ceremony: This magic cloth was properly blessed by abbot and monks at Wat Petchburi by following LP Hong’s method.

Power: This holy cloth contains many powerful Yants of LP Hong. It is good in all aspects : protection, good luck, wealth, charm and help to gain compassion from adults.

Biography of LP Hong:

LP Hong was born on Thursday 24 March B.E. 2460 in Surin province. His father's name "Bok". His mother's name "Uun". They were rice farmers. LP had 8 siblings. LP was the oldest and had an ordained when 18 years old. When LP was 20, he was a monk at Wat Petchburi, Surin Province.

After ordained only 3 months, LP went to Sisaket Province and continued to Cambodia. When reaching Cambodia, LP met many Ajarns. With humbleness of LP Hong made Ajarns willingly taught LP with all magical sciences such as magic protecting from harm/bullets/weapons/animals, charm magic, making holy water and so on.

LP Hong went on a pilgrimage to Cambodia for 30 years and then came back to Wat Petchburi as an abbot. So, Cambodian people know and deeply respect LP Hong.

"Safe from Close Attack by Fifty Communist Soldiers"

Apart from biography, there is also a story that When Luangpu Hong went on a pilgrimage,there was meanwhile a communism spreading, Vietnam changed the system of government according to this doctrine teaching not to have religion, not to believe in deities or all the spirits. Therefore, monks had to resign or escape out of country or they were killed.

While Luangpu Hong went on a pilgrimage to the area connecting Cambodia and Vietnam, suddenly, more than fifty Viet Cong soldiers surrounded the meditation net of Hong in order to kill. But when opening the meditation net, there was only empty. Found only a kettle, almsbowl and hanging bag. They searched many times, but did not find LP Hong. Eventually, with mercy and pity for the Vietcong soldiers, LP Hong made himself visible for the Vietcong soldiers by thinking if he had mutual karma with the soldiers in past life, he prayed to be captured to recompense for karma. But if no mutual karma, he prayed that Buddha, his teachers to protect himself.

As soon as LP appeared out of the meditation net, the Viet Cong soldiers were shocked, immediately repeating series of gunshots, but LP was calm and stood still. At that time, bullets became weak, come out and dropped on the ground like water, which was the great invulnerable magic of LP Hong. Whe finish, Viet Cong soldiers together dedicated themselves to be a disciple of LP Hong.

During LP Hong stayed at Wat Petchburi, he developed many things in temple. Moreover, LP made many contributions to society. Especially in social work, LP donated property to build a sanatorium and a nursery. Including providing financial support to the school Renovate the police station. Establishment of LP Hong Foundation. Donated to dig water sources, ponds and dams. Also conservation of natural resources and the environment. LP donated money for forest conservation, planting forests, strengthening community forests. Donate money and set up funds to buy and redeem animals.

But when LP Hong got older, he moved to Susan Thung Mon to do meditation as LP wanted calmness. LP Hong had many disciples who helped temple by making amulets to develop Susan Thung Mon.

As body is not permanent, LP Hong peacefully passed away in the morning on 5 March B.E.2557 (C.E.2014) at age 97, with 77th year of monkhood.

Wonderful Things about LP Hong Told by Close Disciples:

1. LP Hong always had mercy on everyone especially animals. When he was alive, there were many snakes in his temple, but they did not hurt LP Hong. When a snake crept on LP Hong, he touched and let it go. LP Hong could do that because he was full of mercy and merit. He always taught people that freeing animals is good.
2. Things from LP Hong are holy. For example his hairs, when he shaved his hair, many people waited to get pieces of his hair to worship. They said these hair pieces would become crystal solids as years pass by. Particularly, areca nut chewed by him was what people waited for. They believed that it absorbed power of LP Hong because when LP Hong chewed, he spelt Katha at the same time. In fact, people believe areca mass from LP Hong can be an antidote and remove black magic from a person. Moreover, as years pass by, this areca mass will become a crystal solid.

“This content is copyright and duplication is not permitted.”

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