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PDMAC426 : Love Metta Windfall Money Blackened Metal Ma Sep Nang Sexual Lady-Horse Amulet B.E.2549 (LP Key, Wat SeeLumYong, Surin Province)
with Katha: MaSepNang_LPKey
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100% Authentic from Temple

Luangpu Key was highly esteemed and one of Thailand top guru monks. His amulets are sacred and experienced by worshipers.

Name: Ma Sep Nang (Sexual Lady-Horse amulet)

From: LP Key, Wat SeeLumYong, Surin Province

Batch: Mang Mee Ngoen Thong (money abundance)

Year: B.E.2549 (C.E.2006)

Origin: Thailand

Size: 2 cm x 2.5 cm

Material: blackened metal

Purpose of Making: to earn donations for developing and restoring old buildings in Wat SeeLumYong.

Ceremony: LP Key strongly blessed with mantra and mind stream at Wat SeeLumYong on 12 October 2006.

Power: A picture of horse in love posture with lady known as “Ma Sep Nang”. It is the magic of love coming from ancient kingdom of Lanna, Northern Thailand. Believed to have outstanding “Metta-maha-niyom” quality of being loved and supported by people. In the past, men with Ma Sep Nang Yant cloth would have many wives.

Story of Ma Sep Nang:
Long time ago, there was a family with a beautiful daughter. This family raised a male horse. This horse was handsome. Father ordered his daughter to take care of the horse. When time went by, a daughter fell in love with a horse and they had a sexual relationship. When father knew, he was very angry and embarrassed. He killed the horse. His daughter was so sad that she held her breath and died after the horse.

How to use: Carry below waist.

About Guru Monk:
LUANGPU KEY Gitiyano (an abbot of Wat SeeLum Yong, Surin province) was born on the 24th May 1928 C.E. LP Key got ordained as a Buddhist monk at age 21 at Wat PetBuRi, Surin Province. LP Key is a good monk who many Buddhists admire and respect. He always has mercy on everyone. He has been an expert in concentration of mindfulness in Buddhism way. LP Key ever walked on a pilgrimage in the mountain together with contemporary monks for years. LP Key also understands Khmer magic. He has created many amulets in order to make money to develop and restore his temple. With holiness and worshipers real experiences, his amulets are very popular.

LP Key peacefully passed away on 23 November 2015 at age 87.

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