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LP Charn, Wat Bang Bor - A Legendary Guru Monk in Samut Prakan
Luangpho Charn Wat Bang Bor is a famous guru monk in Samut Prakan province. He was born on 3 April 1914. With long year in monkhood, he has ordained more than 5,000 Buddhist monks. Not only fame in amulets and tiger mantra, LP Chan is also a good monk whom many people highly respect.

Temple Activities

SERM DUANG - SangKhaThan (Offering neccessary stuff to a monk)

SERM DUANG: Coffin Merit Making (Donating Coffin to Non-relative Casualty)

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Luangpho Charn Wat Bang Bor
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PDMAC3897 : Prime Collection Protection & Mercy! Tiny Takrut Phitsamorn (LP Rian, Wat Bangrahong, Nontaburi Province)
with Katha: TK_Master
Stock Status Out of Stock   
Size 0.5 cm x 1 cm


Don’t miss good occasion to worship strong powerful Takrut from great monk

100% Authentic from temple

Name: Tiny Takrut Phitsamorn

From: LP Rian, Wat Bangrahong, Nontaburi Province

Material: this powerful Takrut created from metal sheet that LP Rian wrote holy Yant by his hand, covered with rope.

Size: 0.5 cm x 1 cm

Year: B.E.2525 (C.E.1982)

Purpose for making: LP Rian would like to donate the money from amulet to restore and develop the buildings in temple.

Origin: Thailand

Ceremony: LP Rian properly blessed this powerful Takrut followed ancient method by himself.

Powerful: Takrut Phitsamorn by LP Rian is very well known in Thailand because this powerful Takrut can protect wearer from weapon, danger from animal, black magic and ghost. By the way, Takrut Phitsamorn can make wearer to be more charm and Metta Maha Saney.

Biography of
Pra Kru Nontasamanawat or LP Rian Tawaro was a famous monk of Wat Bangrahong, Nontaburi Province. He was respected by Buddhists around Thailand. He was a good monk. Although he had passed away, the Buddhists still remember him and pay respect to him every night.
LP Rian Tawaro had former name, ‘Rian Sungkarat’. He was born on 7th January 1896. He originally lived in Tumbon Klongmadun, Ampur Mueng , Nakronrajchaseema Province. His parrents were Mr. Daeng and Mrs. U Sungkarat.
He was ordained as a monk on 1st July 1927 at Wat Khwan Mueng, Tumbon Bangarng, Ampur Mueng, Nontaburi Province by Pra Kru Choom Wat Pracharungsan, Nontaburi Province and got name as ‘Tawaro’.
After ordination, he studied subjects for a monk. In 1934, he passed the highest level of Dharma study at Wat Klung, Ampur Mueng, Khongan Province.
In 1939, he became a head of temple’s assistant of Wat Bang Rahong and then a head of temple later. In 1977, he received a name of honor from His Majesty The King Bhumibol Adulyadej.
LP Rian Tawaro passed away on 27th April 1988 and while he was 92 years and 3 months 20 days and 62 years in monk’s life total.
LP Rian Tawaro began to make an amulet before 1957 until he passed away.

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Amulets by LP Rian, Wat Bangrahong, Nontaburi Province

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