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PDMAC2864 : PRO Lucky No.7824 Sooner Luck Wealth Business Fortune! 8th batch Buddha SoThorn Kring Amulet (Wat SoThorn Wararam Voraviharn, Chachoengsao Province)
with Katha: Buddha_LPSothon

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Name: 8th batch Buddha SoThorn Kring Amulet

From : Wat SoThorn Wararam Voraviharn, Chachoengsao Province

Purpose for Making : Require donation of money for developing the temple.

Material : This amulet made of blackened brass

Batch : 8th "token of 248th anniversary of bringing Buddha Sothon from river"

Year: B.E.2553 (C.E.2010)

Origin : Thailand

Size : 1.6 x 2.5 cm.

Ceremony: holy blessing by abbot and monks on the auspucious date in front of real Buddha Sothon image.

Power: People believed that LP SoThorn help to avoid danger and unwanted happenings. Lead away from disasters and disturbance. Moreover, LP SoThorn can bring prosperity, wealth and fulfill worshiper’s desire.

History of LP SoThorn:
LP SoThorn Buddha image is an important Buddha of Chachoengsao Province, Thailand. LP SoThorn Buddha image is Pang SaMaThi style Lan Chang. Also, we call “Phra Lao”.
The magical power of LP SoThorn is well-known. Once in our history, there was drought condition in Chachoengsao. Crops were damaged. Also, there was epidemic. People vowed with LP SoThorn. The bad event was miraculous end.
This temple is situated on the west bank of the Bang Pakong River, 2 Kms. south of the city hall. Enshrined in a new gigantic hall is Phra Phutthasothon, or " LP Sothon" regarded as one of the most revered Buddha images in Thailand. The image, in the attitude of meditation, measuring 1.65 metres wide at the lap and 1.98 metres high, is always seen entirely pasted with gold leaves by worshipers. Two annual fairs celebrating the image fall in the 5th and the 12th lunar months (around April and November).
The new tall ubosoth of Sothorn Wararam Waravihan temple never fails to attract the attention of visitors. After 15 years in construction, the graceful and huge ubosoth is nearly complete. It mirrors the strong faith of the local people in Buddhism. The peak is 84 metres high. It is decorated with five golden umbrellas weighing a total of 77 kilogrammes. This is probably the world's largest ubosoth.
Worshippers come from far around to pay homage to LP Sathorn and a large group of 20 other Buddha images. Thai dancers are on hand every day to perform for a small donation.
According to legend, LP Sothon floated down the Bang Pakong River to the site of the temple. Efforts to retrieve it were unsuccessful until a villager had a small shrine erected on the site and performed a ceremony welcoming the image to the community.

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